Even locksmith in Orlando experts have lousy days when it comes to losing keys or experiencing a lockout, but we also understand how to get back inside. However, for regular people with no locksmith experience, this might be a top feared situation; standing outside of your vehicle or property, unable to get in. Regardless of whether you have experienced a lockout, it’s easy to see why this situation requires professional help.

Often, it’s a simple mistake to make and one that causes problems. It may be the case that you have unintentionally left your keys inside your property, or that you have lost them after coming back from partying late night. Even if it’s not an emergency situation, it’s best you do your research before you experience a real emergency and need to Google locksmith near me for assistance.


There are a lot of reasons why you require a locksmith, and I’ll go through them today.


Locking Yourself Out


One of the most well-known mistakes to make is to lock yourself out of the property. It is likewise one of the worst scenarios you will have to handle. For example, you left in a hurry and closed the door behind you without checking if you brought your house keys. But that’s the worst part since now you’re standing outside in the cold, or in the rain tempted to break a window to get back inside.

I recommend you don’t break a window; you can get cut or have to pay the glass you broke. This could also create more issues to your property since you have given a burglar a way to enter your home and an “accident” your insurance won’t cover.

Trying to break the lock or break a window could cause much money to fix. Instead, hiring a 24 hours emergency locksmith could be a less expensive and advantageous solution for your issue.


Lost, Stolen or Broken Keys

keychain with wallet

It’s normal to lose keys; they’re small and can be easily forgotten. You may have gotten comfortable on the sofa, and your keys accidentally dropped out without you knowing. Another scenario is that someone took your keys.  It’s never a good thing to be a victim of a theft, but it happens to the best of us.

For instance, if you went out bar-hopping with friends or even eating at a nice restaurant, and someone took your keys out of the purse. To keep your property from getting burglarized, I recommend that you replace your locks or rekey them instead, so the stolen key becomes obsolete.


Often, the state of your key may start to weaken because after many years of use or abuse. In this circumstance, the key could break or snap inside the lock. If this occurs, you will require the help of a locksmith to remove the broken part and replace your key. Not knowing how to remove the broken piece yourself could result in you damaging the lock too.

Moved into a new place


If you have recently moved into a new place, it’s suggested that you change the locks or if you want to save a little money then rekey the locks instead. Past property owners may not or may have kept copy keys before they left, you can’t be too careful.


Often, the prior homeowner is not the problem.  The keys could have fallen to a problematic son, so it’s a much better idea to rekey instead of lamenting later. If you don’t rekey or replace your locks quickly, your home can be burglarized by an intruder for not following your instincts.

Lost codes and combinations


Today, numerous individuals have picked an electronic option to the traditional lock and passkey choice. Yes, electronic keypad locks remove all necessities for a physical key. However, they do give humans another issue; poor memory.

Let’s be honest; passwords and code combinations are simple to forget. Truthfully, we forget passcodes on our laptops and computers so why wouldn’t we forget in electronic keypads. Furthermore, many individuals abstain from writing these combinations down on a notepad for security reasons, and all it did was cause an issue.

If you use a code every day, the odds of you overlooking the password get reduced. However, when you change it a lot, then you may cause a lockout.

Damaged Locks



Some circumstances happen when people forget to maintain locks properly. Let’s try to imagine that you have just shut your business for the night, only to find that the lock on the entryway is damaged. The last thing that you want to do is to leave the entryway opened with all your valuables inside.

Sometimes the lock that you use to bolt up the door has become rusted, and it appears it won’t budge. You could try to break the lock yourself. However, it will cause security problems, for example, a straightforward entrance for thieves to enter caused by you.

I know it’s not nice to play the blame game, but padlocks and locks don’t rust that easily and usually takes much time to breakdown, so it’s really an issue of not maintaining the locks properly with lubricant.

Instead, call a locksmith to replace the lock and give you that peace of mind you want for your business.