We’ve written a few blogs regarding why locksmith in Orlando sold deadbolts locks offers better protection than the big-box store locks sold by Home Depot or Walmart. We argue that the deadbolts sold by Orlando locksmiths are better in security and safety. Manufacturers often compromise security to keep the big-box store costs down.

However, we understand a few people want the most affordable lock, instead of the most secure. For many buyers, they use the incredible concept as “secure enough”. Let’s be honest, residential locks are effectively accessible at a store you visit often while the lock models conveyed by locksmiths are not. Nonetheless, that’s not a good excuse to put your family and yourself in danger! Make the call to your local locksmith and install the best high-security deadbolt lock to secure your home.

So, what to look for in a high-security deadbolt, let’s find out below:

Bump and pick protection

door-black lock

You need a deadbolt that has modern security features to shield you from these sorts of attacks. Everyone knows about lock picking because of a YouTube video but it still takes much practice to pick a lock. However, few know about lock bumping with a key. Lock bumping opens your door lock with a specialized key, undetected. The undetected part confuses many property owners to think they left the door unlocked. To stop lock bumping modern deadbolts lock has security features that stop it.

An excellent deadbolt lock that stops lock bumping is the Kwikset Smartkey and also impossible to pick open. It uses a waiver-based lock cylinder rather than the pin cylinder that other locks use. If you have lock bumping and lock-picking concerns, then the Smartkey is the lock to install.

Quality of Material

High-security locks don’t compromise security by reducing the quality of the metals. To get deadbolts prices low, manufacturers have added plastic parts and reduced metals. Unless you get your deadbolt lock from a locksmith, or a durable ANSI tested high-security deadbolt, you can expect plastic parts or weaker metals. High-security deadbolts are developed to eat up drill bits.

Schlage makes an incredible assembled deadbolt but, not all Schlage’s are made equal. The Schlage 560 series is a superior fabricated deadbolt and most locksmith businesses sell it. The best-fabricated deadbolts all around are the high-security locks that Mul-t-lock brand sells. They offer you the most durable locks made with the best materials.

Key Override

Nuki smart lock

If you are purchasing a durable electronic lock model we recommend, a key override. It’s difficult to beat the comfort and convenience that a keyless lock gives. First, keyless lock removes the problem of managing keys, while also eliminating the hassle of your keys falling into the wrong hands.

Even though technology has given us dependable electronic keyless locks, there are some events where breakdowns may happen, and in those instances, you will require an approach (override system) to open your door. Luckily, there are a few keyless locks accessible that feature a key override function that empowers you to manually open the lock in any circumstances.


Key copy protection

Not a significant worry for homeowners. However, if you also have business concerns, then it can be an enormous advantage since your employees can’t make copy keys.

You can’t copy high-security keys without permission. If you want to make a duplicate, you will need a card that was given with the key when purchased and show it to the locksmith.

Should I repair or change my current deadbolt?

Locksmith in Orlando installation of a deadbolt lock


Unless you don’t like the lock design or switching to a high-security lock or updating to an electronic option, you shouldn’t replace your old but trusted sturdy lock. Are you hoping to improve your security?

A locksmith can rekey the locks to work with a different key and modernize the design during the rekey to protect against lock-picking and lock bumping. It will make your old deadbolt sturdy without replacement saving you cash. The only trick is that it has to be the same lock brand.