First, it will save you the trouble of calling a lockout service for one. If you ever experience a lockout, you know what a hassle it is to be outside your house carrying groceries while it’s raining. Then, you try to check all the entryways to see if you left one opened. While you’re looking at the window with a rock ready to create easy access, the police arrive and you have to explain to them you’re the homeowner. Finally, you call a locksmith in Orlando, Florida, expert and wait for them to show up.

The thought behind an electronic lock is straightforward: use a keypad or push button to enter a code instead of using a key. Although, most allow the usage of a key to lock the entryway. However, since it uses a mechanical key cylinder, the electronic locks offer no more security than the mechanical one. But it does gives people convenience such as remote access and not worrying about key-chains and keys.


Bad news first-Innovation means new vulnerabilities

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The vulnerabilities of mechanical locks are well-known thanks to lock-picking videos and lock bumping keys. However, physical touch is important to bypass a traditional lock. Now, the bad news: the digital locks eliminate the need for physical presence by functioning remotely via a fob or smartphone, and that creates another vulnerability, hacking. Digital criminals take pleasure in beating security measurements, and it’s impossible to say to what extent these electronic locks will withstand the test.

Keypad deadbolts with Bluetooth

Electronic deadbolts with Bluetooth enable you to program the lock through your smartphone. The smartphone needs to be close to the lock to communicate via Bluetooth. They allow your cellphone to control your lock both by proximity or specific phone motions that will open the electronic deadbolt without having to enter a code or use a key. They likewise enable you to send, add, remove and send electronic keys to your electronic lock for other users.

It is helpful when you have a push-button lock since some smart locks are difficult to program; some even need to be disassembled to add and remove codes. I find the Bluetooth deadbolt highlights unnecessary on the touch screen electronic deadbolts. Touchscreen deadbolts are straightforward to program. You can make a code or remove one rapidly.

Other deadbolt highlights

Electronic lock with finger prints and backup key features


Electronic deadbolts can bring many features that could be valuable for your specific lock application. Alexa is one but you’ll require a smart hub so you can connect everything together. Smart Things is one such hub but check the value.

The hub enables you to control different things in the home besides the locks, for example, lights and AC/ Heat. A wise investment if you’re searching for full home automation. So, who may need an electronic lock:

Families with kids

Are you a parent with physical active kids who like to play outside, run around or have children who come home from school? Having the electronic deadbolt with keyless entry implies that when they return home, they will get in without looking for a key. That means they will never get locked out because of a lost key. If one kid stays outside, the adult can set the electronic deadbolt to automatically lock behind them so it keeps on protecting anyone still in the house. Some smart lock can call the police too.

Relationship trouble?

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We’ve all had relationships that have fizzled. Regardless if it’s the cleaning lady, dog walker, or a significant friend or life partner sometimes you want to ensure that no one gains access to the house. Or never again opens with the spare keys they kept. Rekeying your home locks stops unapproved entry, however, with keyless electronic entryway lock, it’s much simpler. User codes for electronic deadbolts can be given out and removed as desired so those soured relationships never again enter your home.



Redesigning the kitchen or another part of your home? You can give temporary codes that you can remove from contractors after the job gets finished.

There are a few other options accessible on electronic deadbolts. Bluetooth allows you to program from your cellphone, send temporary digital keys to someone. Now, Z-wave enables you to integrate an alarm system, and Alexa support.


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Electronic locks aren’t for everyone and consider your particular requirements before investing in any part of technology. However, if the convenience factor is essential to you then don’t be afraid to call us for installation.