Sy King Locksmith in Orlando, FL, experts know using a CCTV system at home is a benefit to everyone that lives there. A CCTV (closed-circuit television) system allows cameras to monitor the inside and outside of a property, transmitting the signal to a monitor or monitors. More people unsatisfied with the crime-rate are purchasing a CCTV security system because of their benefits.

Did you purchase cameras and now are getting ready for the placement? However, where are the best areas to place home surveillance cameras? Don’t compromise the security of your home and the safety of your family with bad camera placements.

Don’t worry our Orlando locksmiths will help you find the best places to install home security cameras:

CCTV Placement

You can ensure both the security of your home and your family’s safety by strategically setting surveillance cameras inside and outside your property. They will act as an impediment for burglars and help with their arrest.

First, pick the correct CCTV system for your needs for example, wireless or wired and consider their placement.

If you don’t position your CCTV security devices in the most optimal position, then it may render them ineffective.


Top Tips for CCTV Camera Placement

CCTV camera second floor placement


Past Break-ins–Research the history of your home to see whether there have been any past break-ins and where on the property did they happen. You can check public records or call the past homeowners for an update.

Asses Vulnerabilities–Find the most vulnerable areas of your home. Some of them are basic, for example, the front entryway. However, call a locksmith in Orlando security expert for a more thorough assessment. Remember, vulnerable areas could likewise include windows, patio or back-door, or zones of your home that have a dim light.

Weather Proof–Make sure that your surveillance cameras won’t get damaged or disturbed by the elements. For example, ensuring that no shrubbery has grown to cover the view of the cameras. Avoid setting your cameras in an area where they will get interrupted by the bright glare of the sun or by too much rain, as this upsets the video quality.

Extra Features–Weatherproofing and night vision are extra features that can improve the efficiency of your cameras, ensuring that they work right in all conditions.


Best Locations for Home Security Cameras -Front entryway

The front door is the clearest target for lawbreakers to access your home, and the stats agree that most break-ins happen through the front door. To prevent any item getting launched at the CCTV cameras, consider mounting the gear at the second-floor level or installing a wire cage around it.


Back and side doors

monitoring the back door of a building


I see any passageway into your property as a potential target for a criminal to access your property. Have cameras monitor all entryways since criminals will like to bypass your lock with forced entry techniques like kicking, with a shoulder attack, and, more tricky methods like lock-bumping and lock-picking.

Besides strategically placing cameras on a second-floor level take defensive security measures such as anti-bump devices and high-security locks, to avert any tampering. Patio and French doors are also vulnerable against break-ins, so bolster their security with thick glass and a well-placed camera.


Off-road windows

Windows that don’t face a busy street might appeal to burglars since no vigilant eyes watch them from the road. Besides tactical cameras placement, dish the latches and use heavy-duty window locks for better security. But never forget to lock your windows and keep them shut when you go out.


garage door security point of interest

Most people don’t think to monitor their garage, yet criminal use this as an entry to your home. Hence, regardless of your garage holds significant equipment like garden tools or not, it’s essential to keep it protected.

A camera facing the carport is extraordinary for picking the movement of suspicious activity. Or, you may wish to put the camera inside the carport, pointing it at an angle where the light from the opening entryway can brighten the dark inside.


A shed full of expensive equipment, or tools that stay outside for unknown reasons makes it a target for burglars. To keep this area safe and secure, have two well-placed cameras setup, alongside some motion or security lights.

Every one of these security features can act as incredible deterrents to criminals. It will make them think twice over targeting your garden.



interior home protection

People think CCTV cameras only function for the outside of a property but it is a wrong assessment. Installing a camera within your home that point on the entryways or windows can record a criminal entering your home, offering a full view for better prosecution.

The main inconvenience with the indoor placement of cameras is that they are not visually deterrent. However, a criminal needs to enter your home passing the outside cameras first. Although many people like hidden cameras but everyone is different.

For more counsel on the best area placement for home surveillance cameras, ask an Orlando security specialist who will offer more guidance.