When homeowners change door locks on their homes, they usually get some benefits, for example, peace of mind and more security. Homeowners take for granted their locks yet Orlando Locksmiths experts know door locks are the main deterrent that safeguards their home. Regardless of the security system inside, a door is the most attack point of entrance of a home.

You should focus more on your exterior locks to defend your home, family and significant valuables. So, consider replacing or a home lock installation with durable locks as this will definitely improve the security of your home, office, or vehicle.

Most of the time the lack of caring or not knowledge gets people in trouble, particularly regarding home locks. Today I will show you when you should change door locks:


Changing door locks or just maintenance


Home locks aren’t like other parts of life that need maintenance or regular servicing. For example, you won’t have to change them every couple of months, similar to you would with the filter and oil on your automobile. Some door locks can handle a lot of work or wear and can function for many years without malfunctions.

No, rather the frequency at which you should change your door locks depends on some life incidents. Let’s look at some of these incidents that need a lock replacement:


You recently moved into a new home

new house keys

Maybe the top reason to change our locks is when you recently moved into a new home. While you get the keys to the house at closing, it’s impossible to know how many people stayed with keys or have copy keys of your front door. Thus, it’s better to replace your door locks but you can also rekey your locks too.


Change door locks when you go through a bad divorce


Many people try to ensure that their divorces go well or at least stay friendly, particularly if there are kids involved in the breakup. However, feelings run high during tough divorces so much that individuals may not think straight.

Often, it’s normal for people to enter the home when they know their ex-partner is not there and recover some of their belongings. Replace your locks during and after a bad divorce unless you want to return home to find many of your stuff missing correct?

You lose your keys

Lost home keys

Regardless if you lost your keys or had them stolen, it’s essential to change the locks under these circumstances. Why? Because you don’t know where your keys will end up. For instance, it’s not impossible that a Good Samaritan returns your keys.

However, you still need to change the locks, since you don’t know if the individual made duplicates of your home key. I know it sounds peculiar to return keys and then come back to steal, but you never know.

Change door locks when you experience  a home burglary

change door locks when a burglary occurs

You should always upgrade your locks if you experience a home burglary either by forced entry or secret (lock-picking). Usually, in a circumstance like this, you’re not stressed over a copy key falling into the wrong hands. However, consider the potential damage to the current locks and the way the burglar got through your locks.

Like I said above, a burglar that used forced entry techniques like kicking means your current locks couldn’t withstand the force of the kick. And if it was a secret technique, then your locks couldn’t or can’t handle lock-pickers and bump keys.

So, if you’ve been the victim of a burglary, a call to your local Orlando locksmith needs to be one of the first calls you make, besides the police and insurance agent.


Change your door locks when they’re damaged


Locks work like everything else inside the home—they require some upkeep to remain effective. Yes, we recommend making lock maintenance a part of your monthly schedule, it’s significant to know that locks will fail because of the daily usage plus the weather elements and eventually become a home security risk.

If that happens, make sure you get them replaced right away. It would be sad to know you experience a break-in because your door locks were not adequate or maintain correctly.


Different situations


There are different situations that may need a lock replacement. For example, if you live with roommates, make sure to change the locks often after old roommates leave and new ones move in. I can say the same thing about lending out the key to repairmen or contractors for home upgrades.

Remember, rekeying is also a great option if you don’t have the funds for replacing locks except for home burglaries since you should always upgrade to better locks with higher security features.