Locksmith in Orlando specialists has heard many instances of people moving into a new place, losing their home keys or needed to let go of a disgruntled worker, and, had to change all of their locks out of fear. However, many people don’t know that instead of changing their locks, they could try a better and cheaper option- re-key. In this post, I will teach you when to replace your locks and when do you “re-key” a lock.


Why knowing this is essential? For a reason, it can save you much cash each year on key -control? Regrettably, a few locksmiths exploit the fact that people are not educated about the differences and instead choose to disclose the costlier alternatives to the client. Well, Orlando Locksmith technicians will counter this by giving you some ways when to rekey and when to replace your locks:


When to rekey locks?


The most common situations to rekey your locks are:

  • If you like your locks but want to change the key so, the old key won’t work any anymore.
  • You just relocated into another place and do not have the slightest idea who else has spare keys.
  • Lost a duplicate of your key and scared someone may find it.
  • Finally, you want to stop a disgruntled employee, spouse or ex-friend who has a spare key not to enter.
  • When you have different keys for many locks, and you need them all to work with one single key for better key-control. However, it only works if all of the bolts are from a similar brand or keyhole.


When to change your locks?

Man standing next to an open door

The most common times to change locks are:

  • You need your locks to be a different design or color to match your home appearance.
  • Another reason, you might want to get new better locks if you moved into a new place and the locks are old and rusted.
  • You also change locks when you want to update your security and change your locks to high-security or electronic locks.
  • If you have locks of various brands on your home and you want them all to work with the same key, you will have to change your old locks for newer “same” brands locks or at least same keyway ones. So, rekeying would be possible.

Essential things to consider

In situations where you have one or more locks installed but don’t have the key to them, you should analyze the cost of buying another lock as opposed to rekeying them without a key (which requires more labor cost). Then settle on an educated choice about what is more cost effective.

In situations were bypassing the lock and rekeying it is more costly than the cost of buying a lock, you should replace it. Remember while getting your locks changed, the locksmith should supply you with a couple of bolts with matching keys.

Would it be DIY?

padlock lock old

Changing a standard lock is a straightforward job that handyman can accomplish with a Philips screwdriver. However, rekeying a lock is different since it doesn’t only require learning and practice. You also need to have the correct tools, which are costly. An expert pinning kit to rekey most locks costs more than $200.

Remember if you attempt to change a lock and ruin the installation, there won’t be damage to the lock. However, an unsuccessful attempt to rekey a lock will quite often wreck the lock.

So if rekeying a lock isn’t something you do, I suggest leaving your front locks to Orlando Locksmith professionals.