Locksmith in Orlando realizes that by a home or business owner knowing the various kinds of safes, then it’ll be more straightforward to pick the best one for their requirements. Selecting a safe, strongbox, or a vault does not need to be an intimidating task through the variety of options might unquestionably be overwhelming to the ordinary person. Do you desire a safe for the house or workplace?

Perhaps you’re seeking a something to guard your family heirlooms or jewels. Possibly you have to shield your guns against the reach of your kids or worse thieves. Otherwise, you also have to secure your documents from water or fire damage and even mold. Furthermore, do you store a lot of sums of cash in your home or your workplace? Which one is right for you, for instance, a wall safe, a floor safe, a vault, a fire safe or lockbox?

The perfect method for purchasing a safe or thinking of the subject is to contact a local Orlando locksmith.


Burglary Safe

safe burglary


A burglary safe (also called a strongbox, burglary chest, and coffer) is a freestanding safe that’s bolted into the ground. Free-standing safes remain the hottest kind of safe sold since they are easy to set up, could be put in virtually any location. Also, arrive in a vast array of sizes and preferences. An authentic burglary safe has steel walls thick enough to withstand long-drawn-out attacks from unskilled and skilled offenders.



  • Simple to set up.
  • Gaining access to safes content is effortless.
  • Could be put in conveniently accessible locations.
  • When correctly mounted, provides excellent protection against attacks.



  • Tougher to hide than a wall or floor safes.
  • Won’t protect against flame unless expressly said flame security


door vault bank


A vault door is a large secure entryway used to make custom-manufactured vaults adequately broad to permit people to walk-in, for example, banks, treasure museums, and, estates that have many monetary assets.



  • A sound vault gives the highest amount of protection from burglary and fire security.
  • Could stay hidden effectively.
  • Suitably spaciously to store pretty much anything.
  • Custom vault can be made to accommodate an extensive variety of things.



  • Building a vault is a unique endeavor, in a perfect world put together at the same time a house gets built.
  • The cost of building a vault is very high.


Fire Safe

fire safe


A fire safe (also called fireproof, composite, or fire lining safe) is a freestanding safe built to safeguard the contents from flames for a specified period.

If you want to guard essential documents in your home like (a will, auto titles, birth certificates, essential home documents, etc.). Then these safes are quite valuable for your requirements. However, these safes are insufficient against burglars, but sometimes the owner only requires a fire-safe so then later acquired it at the local store.

Not so protected, nevertheless they’re fire resistant and could guard your valuable documents against a home fire until fire trucks arrive.  However, their flame evaluations aren’t too good either as there are fire-resistant, not fire-proof. Therefore, limited to an hour or less.



  • Dramatically increases the probability that the contents will survive flames.
  • Composite fire/burglary safes deliver additional protection.



  • Most fire safes sold provide little burglary protection and low flame security.
  • On account of the thick steel and also concrete casing, composite cladding fire safes are much denser and usually need professional setup.


Gun safe


A gun safe (also called a weapon safe) is a freestanding fire or burglary safe that has a section configured especially, to store firearms.



  • Simple to set up.
  • When correctly mounted, provides excellent protection against attacks.
  • Make the installation in convenient locations.
  • Simple to gain access to the safes content.



  • Careful of “unique features” because it’s advertisements attributes more than security features.
  • Tougher to hide than a wall or floor safes.


Luxury Jewelry Safe

Jewelry safe Brown


A luxury safe is a high-quality burglary safe that comes with optional fire protection along with extensive upgrades to significantly improve on appearance and convenience. These highly configurable safes could include custom-made jewelry room using modular drawer insert systems. Also, watch storage and automatic watch-winder panels.



  • Highly configurable.
  • Many customize appearances, design, and colors.
  • Higher protection rating options.
  • Fantastic solution to arrange and save jewelry while gaining quick entry to the valuables.
  • Plenty of added features and upgrades.


  • Luxury safes are more expensive than their regular burglary protected and fire protected models.