Orlando Locksmith knows regardless of whether you have strengthened your front entryway and windows, your home could still be helpless— mainly if you have a sliding glass door.

These sorts of entryways are left unsecured, making them a most loved focus for robbers.

It’s difficult to locate a home that doesn’t have sliding glass entryways.

With regards to picking door locks, homeowners find an array of types and models.

A portion of the best front entryway locks gets install with solid core doors, which makes it more security friendly.

Generally, sliding glass doors come with latches but also could upgrade with a bolt.

It’s crucial to make sure you don’t use or upgrade the wrong lock, as it will leave your security helpless.

You can always call a locksmith in Orlando for a better assessment.

Well, here’s are four weaknesses that make sliding glass entryways simple targets:


Top sliding glass door flaw

sliding glass door next to window


Remember that the flaws of a sliding glass door come with that of the sliding glass door itself.

The universal defect is the production of the lock, followed up by the flaws of the essential material used to make the sliding door.

The limitations of a sliding glass entryway lock originate from the bolt itself and the mechanism that incorporate it.

You also have the glass which by no means will stop a burglar from breaking to get inside.

Lamentably, glass brings its weaknesses, which demoralizes the security of your sliding glass door.


The Sliding Glass Door Lock Mechanism

The locks mechanism is one of the weakest parts of the sliding glass door, and one of the most persuaded by thieves.

Most sliding glass entryway locks are straightforward latches that give minor security.

You can’t call it a bolt since you don’t need a key.

It implies criminals use lock- picking or bolt-bumping and other bypass strategies to enter the home.

Likewise, most latches can’t withstand as much power as deadbolt locks.

Thieves will destroy your latches by applying weight until your sliding glass door gives way.


The Presence of Glass

Not only are the latches a weak spot but the glass too.

As I brought up before, glass presents homeowners with many flaws. When you installed your sliding door, the glass can be the real top vulnerability.

It leaves you powerless on two fronts.

To begin with, it gives criminals an open view of your home.

Notwithstanding, glass smashes effectively.


The sliding glass sometimes gets hidden from view

sliding glass doors are hidden

There is nothing robbers adore more than working without being seen.

As it seems, you could state the motivation behind why criminals love sliding glass entryways is because no one ever sees them coming thru these doors.

Usually, use as backdoor exits to home, or when people lose their keys, they don’t get much interest as the front door.

In my opinion, people have dogs and neighbors, so they think that thieves won’t attempt an attack.

But they will attack dogs with food and some are smooth in the way they enter a home so get ready!



Sliding glass door blinds


Sliding glass entryways look astonishing when installing at home or apartment.

They give impressive viewpoints and increment the aesthetics.

However, property holders need to know that these sliding glass door cannot be left how they come from the factory.

Usually, everyone upgrades the front doors or windows and leave the glass doors the same.

It’s essential to make sure you change the latches to locks to gain security.

Get a well-built door not to light in materials and weight.

Lastly, install tints, security film, and reinforced the glass with (polycarbonate or laminated).