What is torsion springs by the way? Whether your garage door could be open manually or by hands or electronically through garage door opener it needs torsion springs for a full and efficient mechanical functioning.

Torsion springs in your garage door is simply a spring that operates by means of torsion or twisting.  It’s a flexible object which is elastic in nature that stores or contains huge amount of mechanical energy whenever it is twisted.

When you twisted a torsion spring, it applies or exerts force in the opposite direction which is proportionate to the amount that it is twisted. This is the simple dynamics on how torsion spring contributes and enhances and helps the efficiency and functioning of your garage door.

Without torsion springs you’re going to find it so very hard or near impossible to open your garage door in an efficient manner.

Modern garage door almost always used torsion spring. You’ll find it hard these days to see any garage door without any torsion springs. Torsion springs makes the opening of your garage door faster. It saves you time. It saves labor or manual effort on your part.

If you’re not yet using torsion springs in your garage door it’s about time to consider installing torsion springs.

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