Unique Mortise Lock Installation Advantages and Disadvantages

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Mortise lock installation and replacements

A unique mortise lock installation offers a remarkable method for installation and operation, allowing mortise locks different advantages and disadvantages.

Providing quality security to your family and property will always be top on your lists of needs as a homeowner. Among all the security equipment used by a locksmith near me that gives much-needed security to our lives and the property is the quality mortise lock.

We use locks and keys to protect our homes, business, workplaces, vehicles, and property from criminals. Locks have been around for more than four thousand years and still secures property and valuables when required. From traditional single-cylinder locks, double-cylinder locks, tumbler locks, deadbolt locks, smart locks; no home or business Locksmith security system protects like a high-security lock.


Lock installation for home or business applications


Manufacturers typically classify locks by their function. For example, homeowners who use locks in homes are called home security locks or residential grade security locks. Now, while locks used for commercial buildings, offices, stores or shops are known as commercial-grade security locks.

Today will talk about a different lock that you can use in homes and offices, the mortise lock plus its advantages and disadvantages.


Why use a mortise lock installation?

Mortise lock installation

You can install mortise locks in a pocket on the door of homes, offices, and apartments. The door requires a minimum thickness of at least 2 inches for it to be effective. Yes, a mortise lock lowers the integrity of the wooden door, but many security specialists still recommend mortise locks.

Because these locks are sturdier and more versatile than their bored cylindrical counterparts. Considering installing a mortise lock in your home? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of mortise locks you should consider.


Advantages of Mortise Locks


Security- Mortise locks are difficult to bypass, pick, or open when compared with traditional cylinder locks since you fit them into the door itself. So, the intruder will need more power to open the door, even with a crowbar, assisting with keeping you safe. Also, mortise locks come dual cylinder variants, so you can lock the door from the outside. However, you still will need the keys for both the inside and outside of the lock in order to open the entryway, making it almost impossible to pick the lock.

Size- Mortise locks likewise come in many sizes, which means you can easily customize them to fit into small or bigger doors. Cylindrical shaped locks that people install in the doorknob come in a standard size, they can look odd on not standardized sized doors. Besides, this variety in sizing provides a higher level of aesthetic customization when compared with traditional locks. This allows installing bigger faceplates on your doors.

Good looking- One of the top advantages of mortise locks is the good-looking design that they provide the doors once installed. Mortise locks give a classical appearance to the fitted door. Also, they arrive in a higher variety of designs than traditional locks do.


Disadvantages of Mortise Locks

Mortise lock cylinder

Creative Common


Installation-Because the expert needs to hollow out a part of the door in which the mortise lock installation needs to go, the installation of a mortise lock is more involved thus more costly and time-consuming. This can also increase the initial expense of the lock. Besides, the installation procedure requires a specific door thickness, so you can’t install a mortise lock on all doors.

Replacement- If you damage the lock or need a replacement, the procedure can cost more as the old lock needs a full replacement.


Small indoor advantage


Mortise locks have a special ability known as passage function which permits a door to be secured or close without getting locked, making it perfect for children’s rooms and bathrooms. Many home security specialists recommend using mortise locks with 5 to 6 lock levers for better security.

Are you considering a mortise lock installation in your home? Call an expert and reliable locksmith in Orlando on how you can buy the best mortise locks available today?

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