Sometimes car key replacement gets very humorous for us mostly because customers think all car keys are created equal. We’re not laughing at the situation, but the reality of things is that traditional metal keys have come a long way.

It’s a simple fact that the majority of car owners have been locked out of the car at least once during their lifetime, although people don’t like to acknowledge it. Others have experienced losing their keys, and many have lost their car keys more than once.

Often keys can’t get retrieved when they get jammed in the ignition. These happen to be dreadful experiences especially when you’re going to work or running an errand like picking up the kids from school.

An effective method to get your hands on a set of new keys would be to utilize the assistance of an Orlando locksmith. They have experience in handling all sorts of car keys issues including broken keys, dead batteries replacement for a car fob, and, mishaps like leaving the passkeys inside the auto.

Modern automotive businesses have been incorporating new technology into their vehicles. The tech includes the vehicle keys to make their cars more secured. In the past, the automakers only issued mechanically cut keys. Now, things have changed quite a good deal in the last couple of decades as new technology has emerged to provide excellent security.

Let’s take a look at the variety of car keys that are widespread today:

Mechanically Cut Car Key

Traditional car keys

Usually, the most popular car key on the market. It’s cut utilizes and uses ridges in addition to cuts on a single side. With this element, it may be inserted into the ignition out of one side only. This type of key is made out of a machine designed to cut metal. The majority of the locksmiths will use a die punch machine to trim this kind of car key.

Laser cut car keys


This type of automobile key is more secure than the mechanically cut varieties and better known as sidewinders key. Usually, lasers are utilized to trim the key at a precise method. Lasers produce grooves on both sides on the shank that can’t get replicated easily.


This form of car key is much more costly and difficult to replicate. As a result of the specialized machines that clear-cuts the key. Moreover, it could get inserted into the ignition from both sides.


Transponder car key

Syking Transponder key


This kind of car keys is composed of a microchip that’s inserted into the key handle. The microchip helps to prevent any key swindle and also serves as ignition security. Replicating this type of key with no specialized equipment is impossible. Nonetheless, a skilled locksmith can replicate a key with the ideal transponder key system on the spot.


Smart car key


It’s a kind of automobile key that is not widely employed. But it enables the automobile owner to utilize the key remotely, so the feature it’s known as a smart key. It allows opening and closing of all the doors from far and some smart keys allow to start the car too.


Syking BMW car keys

This type of automobile key includes a vehicle anti-theft system. The system comes with a resistor chip or processor that gets inserted on to the blade and offers more security. This resistor chip has 1 of the 15 values, and the automobile key resistor chip differs from the computer microchip in the transponder keys. Replicating the resistor chip is complex.

Valet car key


This key enables the automobile owner to give a key to a valet for parking purposes. This form of car key has been altered to permit access to the ignition and door locks. An individual cannot open glove boxes and trunk. The valet automobile key typically comes with a smart or transponder key.


Whenever you break or lose your car key, you don’t have to worry since there are many professional locksmiths in Orlando services including ours that will give you a hand. They’re specialist personnel who will assist you without waiting in obtaining a vehicle key.