Locksmith Orlando comprehends perhaps not too many people used biometric locks throughout their life. However, many know the basic principles of a biometric lock. Most people have seen these locks in spy films. A fingerprint door lock is a particular kind of biometric security device, plus it’s the most often used for security of business or home.

Now, the models aren’t simple and come manufacture with many upgrades that well worth the investment.  So, let’s take a look at Orlando Locksmith top two contenders for the best fingerprint door lock:


Samsung SHS-P718

welcome-feature-50cm-distance Samsung SHS-P718


The Samsung SHS-P718 is a formable contender and still great solutions which have popped up on the marketplace. I doubt there’s one device with no flaws, but this one gets close. You must expect it to come with a lot of features which allow it to work marvelously while simultaneously enhancing the condition of one’s commercial security. It also may well work with residential properties; however, its price tag could exclude a few homeowners from buying it.


This thumbprint door lock uses a push-pull door handle which makes the process of opening your doorway more reliable. Users can acquire access to this lock using fingerprints, RFID cards, and, along with any pin code. The primary access system is a fingerprint, yet the door lock comes with a dual authentication mode. Practically, it gives you the chance to set your prints with another access method, therefore strengthening your security.


Furthermore, the SHS can save 30 pin codes and 100 fingerprints, helping to make it a perfect solution for smaller enterprises that are looking to research unique access control solutions. Unlike any of its counterparts, the SHS doesn’t count upon mechanical keys as a default access approach. As an alternative, it has five mechanical keys contained with each lock. Ordinarily, use as an emergency override. Usually, when the lock’s battery expires, or power failures issues which disrupts its routine functioning.

Key Features:

  1. The lock uses a double authentication mode that works to keep your house and office safer. It’s carried out by asking a mic the password and a fingerprint before the lock works.
  2. The SHS-P718 utilizes a mortise cylinder arranged in a solid lock body.
  3. The patented push-pull lock handle allows the lock to combine the grip and also the main body right into one mechanism, helping to make it more robust to pick or force entry.
  4. You could integrate an alarm which incorporates together along with other smart devices to throw a larger radius of security around your house and workplace. It means that the alert within the door-lock could be triggered if somebody tries to burglarize your workplace or home through a window.


ZKAccess TF1700

ZKAccess TF1700


The ZKAccess TF1700 stands alone as it puts security over everything. It doesn’t mean that the other locks aren’t secure, but ZKAcess TF1700 is different. However, a number of the fingerprint door locks in the industry want to put themselves as hybrid products.

Fingerprint locks companies are trying too hard to assist both residential and commercial business while sacrificing security features. Features like access or override protocol, and it is a recurring feature that makes your home or office susceptible to lock-picking and by-pass techniques.  We have described in many diverse articles, that all locks can be picked, especially if there’s a keyway present.

Additionally, this lock works perfectly for outdoor usage and interior usage. The TF1700 is an IP65 rating for both waterproof and weatherproof structures. An IP65 evaluation is ingress protection marking that approximates how the item last against intrusion, nature, and, others.


Key Features:

  1. The ZKAccess lock has an extraordinary 1.5-second user recognition rate that makes procedures more efficient and enhances easy access for the operators.
  2. The lock stores 3,000 fingerprint templates and documents up to 50,000 transactions. The feature enhances security by giving a far more reliable means to keep an eye on that accesses the lock and when they entree.
  3. By having an IP65 rating, the TF1700 could take lots of unpleasant outside weather. Very few fingerprint door locks can stand firm against the climate changes. Nevertheless, the ZKAccess fingerprint door lock does it.