Top Trusted Lock Brands you should Consider in 2020

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Trusted Lock Brands for 2020

The best popular and trusted lock brands for 2020 should have something in common correct, to protect their buyer’s property. These brands are loved and trusted by Orlando Locksmiths and by many people. These companies have different lock models with different abilities.

All these trusted lock brands will have various benefits and faults that may not line up with the brand’s general reputation. Our locksmith in Orlando, FL, experts will investigate whether the population has put their trust in the hands of the correct companies, or if they are being deceived.



Mul-T-Lock is transforming itself into a strong lock contender. Many individuals trust the quality they see from their lock models. Their reputation proceeds them since the locks are secure. Frequently keys get matched with an element that takes more knowledge and experience to bypass.

Yes, people can pick them, but they present a challenge even to experience lock-pickers. However, great cores and strong construction will just get you so far. When you are buying a euro profile cylinder from this company, consider not installing a thumb turn. With a thumb turn on this kind of cylinder, a lock-picker can bypass the core. Well, even with that fault, Mul-T-Lock is an incredible brand with a great reputation.


Schlage lock

Schlage deadbolt- replacing cylinder to high security

Usually, when you go into a home improvement store to purchase a lock, you will buy a Schlage lock. They cost more money but bring sturdier construction and more features that make it difficult to pick and bump. The company has many models, however their least expensive is still good. Cylinders in the Primus and Everest bring a notable feature, for example, anti-bump and pick resistance.

However, an expert can pick and bump them given sufficient time but remember a burglar doesn’t have much time. The economic locks that Schlage makes are the best alternative out there and individuals that use this lock put their trust in the brand.


Baldwin lock


If you typically visit home improvement stores or even a locksmith shop, you will find some Baldwin door lock models. They are accessible quality locks but not the best or the worst.  However, individuals trust this brand enormously. It is a robust lock, with strong construction. Just by holding them, you can feel the difference in weight among less expensive lock.


The heavier the lock, the more metal in its construction. Also, the more metal the lock has, the more difficult it is to attack by expert and novice burglars. Since every one of the cut holes in your door weakens your door, a simple solution is to fill the opening with metal. Yet, expert burglars can pick and bump the lock cylinder itself. Although, burglars rarely pick door locks since they’ll try to kick it down.


Yale lock

Yale deadbolt

It would be difficult for anybody to say they don’t trust Yale locks. The biggest reason that you can’t knock Yale is that experts see them as the makers of the modern pin tumbler lock. That means that Yale can stand next to the other better brands. Regardless if you use a Kwikset or a Medeco lock, they all owe their design to Linus Yale, Jr plus Henry R. Towne. So, if you trust the locks you use today on your doors then, you are likewise trusting in the work of Yale.

Yale locks are well-built and regularly bring two or more spool pins. These locks have gotten increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and trusted by many people.


Medeco lock

Orlando Locksmiths Medeco deadbolt lock installation

Regularly thought of as the best lock, Medeco stays on the top of lock brands. Individuals frequently regard Medeco locks as the best locks and people trust this brand. So, are they worth the hype? It is a mix. Individuals like to claim that people can’t pick Medeco locks, but that is false.

Yet, novice and even some lock-pickers won’t pick them, and those that can most likely have the right stuff to be locksmiths. A big issue with Medeco is that they continue updating their design to keep their patents.

However, with each update, the locks become less secure. The techniques for picking these locks, even with their security vulnerabilities, is still difficult. It is a robust lock that people put a lot of trust in.




If you trust Medeco, Mult-T-Lock, or Yale? Or all of them? If you do like these lock brands, then the company you need to thank is ASSA-Abloy. This company owns and fabricates the locks of these brands. So, truly, it is the responsible company for other trusted lock brands success.

ASSA-Abloy offers items and services ranging from locks, gates, doors and entrance automation. Besides, controlling identities with keys, cards, tags, mobile, and biometric identity verification systems.

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