Top Security Advices For Your Home From Orlando Locksmith Experts

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Home security advices



A homeowner has a notion that burglars pick bolts and bypass electric locks like there some sort of expert cat thieves, but Locksmiths in Orlando think its BS.

While it’s challenging to guard your home against expert burglars, most home robberies get achieved by an amateur. These thieves use an open window, door or a force entry technique like kicking to gain entry. You could frustrate most thieves if you utilize some of these Orlando Locksmith security measures down below:

Top Tips

burglar with crowbar

  1. Always lock your home even if you go out for a brief time. Numerous burglars stroll in through an opened entryway or window.
  2. Change or re-key all locks and tumblers when you move into a house.
  3. To protect your alarm system, hide all of the wirings. An expert thief searches for places where they could cut or detach the security system.
  4. Your home needs to look occupied or at least alive. Use clocks with timers to switch lights and radios on and off when you’re away.
  5. A faulty alarm is a significant security hazard so get it repaired and tell your neighbors that you fixed it. Often neighbors disregard an alert that goes off sporadically.
  6. A shimming specialist likes attacking spring-latch locks since there is an easy target to bypass. Shimming is the strategy for slipping a plastic credit card against the latch tongue to weaken it and open the entryway. Moreover, criminals could use a wedge to separate the bolt from the spring. However, a deadbolt resists any such assault. Now, the deadbolt is vulnerable when there is sufficient space between the entryway and its frame to enable a burglar to utilize power tools.
  7. If you misplace or lose your keys, change or re-key the locks.
  8. Trees situated close to windows could shield a criminal from vision and can be a significant fault in your home security.
  9. Thieves hate dogs and dogs hate thieves. Indeed, even a little, boisterous pooch could make a burglar think twice. Thieves don’t like attention and would try another more accessible target.

Protecting Doors

brown wooden front door

  • To protect your home doors, introduce 1-inch throw deadbolt lock on every single outside entryway including front, side (garage), and, backdoors.
  • An entryway with a lot of space between the entryway and the frame allows a burglar to use a jimmy. Fortify the entryway with a panel of 3/4-inch plywood or a piece of sheet metal.
  • If you have installed hinges on the outside of the door, take them down and reset the hinges inside. Usually, a criminal will only have to knock out the hinge pin to enter the home if it’s on the outside.
  • You can secure your glass patio door by setting a metal bar in the middle base track of the door slide. Make sure the bar measures the same as the length of the track.
  • It’s simple for a robber to pry through rotting wood. Supplant rotted door frames with new, sturdy wood.
  • It’s straightforward for a criminal to break glass panes and afterward reach in and open a doorknob. An entryway with glass panes ought to get either reinforced, replaced, or protected with deadbolts that only uses a key on the inside.


Window security

women next to a window


  • Secure your windows with at least one or more countermeasures such as a great lock, an alarm, safety glass, and, motion detectors close to the panes.
  • When introducing a window lock, drop some weld on the screw heads. It will prevent thieves from unscrewing the bolt if they have cut a small hole in the glass.

Carport Security

Red car in open garage

Carports present unique difficulties for security. So use some of these hints to keep your garage secure:

  1. Frosting or covering your garage windows won’t allow criminals to see what’s inside the garage. They can’t see, for example, the car, power tools, and, other things they would like to take.
  2. Keep your garage doors shut and bolted even when your vehicle isn’t in the carport.
  3. Introduce a peephole in the side door next to the garage and install an excellent deadbolt like the kinds on outside doors. When you hear suspicious sounds, you could check your garage without opening the entryway.
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