Orlando Locksmith professionals have accepted that security cameras, surveillance system, along with, alarm sensors should not be regarded as active security deterrents. However, they assist homeowners to monitor specific areas of the house in a flawless manner. Security cameras equipment are not active deterrents such as a deadbolt, nevertheless, have a part to perform.

Above all, security cameras remain a passive security deterrent that’s primarily employed to track particular places. It usually means that homeowners can continue to keep eyes on remote areas of their houses. Also, you could put them up in vantage points and assist or warn the owner from a dangerous situation.

However, many homeowners go to the trouble of getting their security equipment but make the mistake of not knowing where to place the cameras. So locksmith in Orlando experts will assist you to keep an eye on your home better:


The perimeter of your property

Man behind fence


A top place to set up security cameras and detectors is outside of your property. Anyone that has played a spy video game understands how hard it is to pass a level of perimeter security. For many homes, the perimeter usually means the patio, gate, fence or an area designated as front lawn or driveway. Truthfully, gate and perimeter safety improved the existence of detectors and surveillance cameras.

The efficiency of your perimeter security process is directly connected to the efficacy of your house safety. Therefore it cannot be underestimated. Although surveillance cameras can’t stop burglary on their own, they’re essential to help your other security deterrents work better.

You must mount security cameras on places around your perimeter that allow them to capture the entire space completely. The attention needs to get focus to off-street areas around your house that don’t get as much visibility. Burglars prefer to utilize these sorts of places since they can’t get seen until the attack, therefore, mount up your surveillance cameras accordingly.

Door security

Yellow front door

Door security describes the points of your house that work as principal access points. As the perimeter of your home, essential door points are more likely to have higher foot traffic which makes them vulnerable to possible attacks. Along with high foot traffic, they’re also the most direct way to get in your property.

If homeowners pay careful attention to burglary statistics, it’s simple to observe that front doors have been targeted on the most by thieves, home invasion, and, unauthorized guests. Approximately 34 percent of thieves utilize front door to enter someone’s house. So mount security cameras and sensors close to front doors, back doors, patio glass door, and, a related side doorway.


Secondary Access Points

Broken window security nightmare


Secondary access points are as essential as front door security since they provide another access to the burglar. It explains the reason why they need protection too. Burglars like to presume they understand how homeowners think, and at some degree they do. However, that simple mindset can enable a homeowner to overcome a thieves overconfidence.


Burglars often feel that secondary access points get forgotten by a few homeowners. Therefore installing detectors and security cameras at these places helps round out your home security and lower the probability of an attack.


Examples of these secondary access points comprise of house windows, basement window and, side doors. Every one of those points could get used to gain entrance if you don’t protect them. It is also helpful to fortify your window with door locks instead of the weak factory latches.


Garages and Driveways

two story house with garage door


Burglars could attack garages and driveways especially when the front door and secondary access points get blocked. Irrespective of the sort of garage you have in your house, you can take advantage of both security cameras and detectors equally.

For detached garages, then it’d be best to set up outside surveillance cameras attached to a house that’s facing your garage. It’s also a good idea to install security cameras and sensors inside the garage to be utilized together with a few of the best garage door locks.