Top Garage Door Issues and Their Solutions

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white roll-up garage door


Orlando locksmith expert and most homeowners think garage doors offer accommodation and security for our vehicles and homes. Nevertheless, a mechanical item is “mechanical,” issues will undoubtedly emerge from long years of utilization which could cause a breakdown.

When you have a garage door that’s acting strange, noisy or not reacting like it usually does, it’s a disappointing way to begin or end your day. Truthfully, carport entryways function mechanically and electrically, which means they have many moving parts and more components where issues can happen requiring a locksmith in Orlando garage door specialist.

Fortunately fixing carport entryway issues is often straightforward for garage door experts like ourselves. Don’t worry, many of these issues a homeowner can repair themselves too. Here are the most widely recognized garage door issues and how to fix them.


Remote control not working


If you squeeze the buttons on your carport remote control and doesn’t work, check the batteries first. The remote transmitter needs the energy to send a signal to your opener. Often the cells aren’t the issue, so make sure you’re squeezing the buttons inside of the range of the opener.

However, if new batteries or a closer range doesn’t solve your issue, maybe re-programming the remote by adhering to the directions in your opener’s manual will solve the problem.

Wall switch not working

A malfunctioning wall switch could appear as the end for your opener. However, it’s probably a power issue. Since the wall switch is wired into the opener, there won’t be any need to reprogram or investigate signal issues. Now, a broken wall switch, the likely offender is both the switch itself and the wiring. To test the two wires, disconnect both from the switch and cautiously make them touch. If the garage door opener reacts, the switch might be the problem. Now, if nothing occurs, replace the wires with fresh ones with 18-to 22-gauge wire.

Carport reverses before closing

Garage door force test


Garage door openers produced after 1993 incorporate sensors to keep an entryway from shutting on a person, thing, or pet. Often when your carport entryway comes down and reverses to the open position, there could be something blocking the eye sensors.

Inspect that these two sensors on both sides of your garage are pointing correctly at one another. Sometimes they may be dirty so you’ll need to clean the photo eyes sensors carefully though as you don’t want to scratch the lens.


Carport entryway won’t close or reverse


Sometimes your carport entryway won’t close completely, and won’t reverse too. You probably need to change or adjust something many refer to as the limit switch. Garage door openers bring an adjustable switch that commands how far the entryway should come down to completely close.

When the switch is set unreasonably high for your opening, the entryway may not close correctly. To modify the switch, adjust a screw on the motor that when turned, will increase or decrease how far the door lowers when shutting.


The seal is free or broken



A leaky garage door seal or “weather stripping” could permit water, insects, earth, grime, and, dirt to crawl into your garage. You could easily replace your current malfunction seal with a brand new one.


These fundamental garage door issues that we just talked about are resolvable, and with a smidgen of knowledge, you could keep your garage door working efficiently for quite a long time. However, mechanical things breakdown and you’ll see many signs that show you need another system or entry.

If you need an expert garage door repair specialist, then Sy King Locksmith in Orlando could help alleviate some garage door issues not handled by everyday maintenance work.

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