Have you ever Google search, “locksmith near me” because of an emergency lockout situation? Why? Well, we’ve all observed the disastrous instances of children and pets losing their lives while locked inside a hot vehicle. Shockingly, numerous individuals don’t understand how destructive vehicle lockout can be throughout the summer.

Indeed, even on a not so hot day maybe temperature in the 70s, the temperature inside your vehicle can go over 104 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 30 minutes. Now imagine if the outside temperature sours over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then inside temperatures of your vehicle will be enough to fry eggs.

If you ever experience a lockout, then you know how frustrating and scary this circumstance is. Luckily, you know of an expert Emergency Orlando Locksmith to help you get back inside your car, house, office, and, even safe. How about we investigate some of the most common lockouts that happen and we’ll tell you the best way to overcome them.

Home lockout

Home lockout keys left in the lock 1

You probably experience a home lockout since you were having a frantic morning and went outside without your keys while the door slammed behind you. Other times, your lock could be worn out, prompting your key severing in the lock.

The truth, this stuff happens a lot to ordinary people! You may think this will never happen to me so why bother but that sort of reasoning will have you ill-prepared should the event ever emerge. The ideal approach to abstain from being stuck in a lockout involves thinking of it as a possibility before it ever occurs.

Losing your keys at work

You just finished work, and you’re happily walking past the entryways towards your car. You feel fantastic, and seeing your vehicle parked makes you feel even better. Time to go, right? Your hands try to find your keys inside your pockets but only find air. Everything suddenly slows down, and those happy thoughts are crashing down. You know your happy weekend has ended since you lost your key fob.

You even try to back step and attempt and make sense of where you left your keys. However, they’re not in your office or the lounge or even the restroom. The plans you had at the beginning of your weekend will take a step back since you will have to pay for a new key fob.

Vehicle lockout situation

car lockout situation

You drive up to the closest gas station to get your tank filled up. Venturing out of your vehicle, you ensure you press the manual lock button since you pride yourself on safety. You don’t want to make it simple for thieves to steal your vehicle. You take a couple of steps towards the gas store, but you understand something isn’t right.

The sound of the jingle of vehicle keys doesn’t happen. Then, you slowly turn around and approach your vehicle window, not having any desire to look inside since you know what you left behind. Well, you look and there your keys, laying on the driver seat waiting for you to get them. The main issue remains you bolted the vehicle entryway. Often, this happens when the car owner gets distracted with a phone call or checking the glove compartment while you’re trying to exit the car.


Tips for dealing with lockout situations

Lady with car keys after a lockout situation


It is a typical habit that individuals misplace, lose, and, forget key while in a rush. Therefore, people get commonly locked out of their home, vehicle, or office. However, getting lockout shouldn’t be a desperate situation, probably an annoying one but not a time to panic.

So, we have some hints that will assist you in resolving an emergency lockout:


  • Always keep the extra keys where you could easily access them.
  • If you are too far then call the trusted person, you left the keys with such as family member, close friend, and, trusted neighbor.
  • Try to enter through the back door or open window if you’re experiencing a home lockout. However, if experiencing a car lockout, try to open a unlock door or check if the trunk has an entrance that leads to the passenger seats.
  • The credit card technique only works for a knob lock with a spring-latch but won’t work on a deadbolt lock.
  • Don’t break a car or home window since the fixing will cost you more at the end of the day.
  • If your car has an electronic or mechanized lock, then the best alternative remains to call a trusted locksmith.