Orlando Locksmith specialists know what burglary is to business losses. Well, if you don’t know the meaning then let me explain it; burglary means an unlawful entry with or without force to carry out a crime or other illegal offense. Sadly, it accounts for much of the nation’s serious crime data. Small businesses are well-known targets for criminals, and a significant part of the losses is in the products.

With these facts, small business owners and entrepreneurs including SY King Locksmith in Orlando can’t stand to disregard burglary prevention. So now everything risk related needs to be considered, for instance, theft prevention, key-control, surveillance cameras, fire and employee safety, and, proper monitoring.


Use Perimeter Protection


Perimeter protection is a critical part of distribution center security, particularly, if your warehouse has a lot of areas to cover. The more significant the place, the more vulnerable your warehouse is at securing the many points of entry. However, there are specific parts of business security that can address this issue, for example, wall, fences, and, security guards.


Lock control

front locks

A durable lock will demoralize a burglar and at least makes them work harder usually, to the point of giving up. Locksmith specialists believe the pin-cylinder lock may give the best protection since it’s more difficult to bypassed (pick). However, the lock needs to be a deadbolt-type, requiring a key to open or to lock. These types of locks can’t get opened by slipping a bit of celluloid between the entryway edge and jamb, a standard bypass technique that criminals use.

Adding salt to the wood for the thief is the double cylinder deadbolt needs to be opened by a key from both sides, making it challenging for a concealed criminal to escape the building. To keep the back door secured in addition to sturdy locks you could also use a bar. Bars over windows, sky-facing windows, and, other entrances can likewise discourage any unapproved entries.



We recommend that you should document key distribution and that workers need to be required to turn in their keys when they leave the property. Having a master key or one key for both outside entryways and inside the office, could be helpful for better key-control. A better or cheaper idea would be to rekey all of your external locks to match only one key.

Burglar alarm

burglar attempted break in

Burglar alarm improves security in and outside the premises. Now, the quiet alarm systems give the best security, but noisy ones make burglars run. The silent type of alarm goes off at private protection or at nearby police headquarters, unknown to the thief who keeps working, reassured by the calm.

The less expensive loud alarm – which wakes the whole neighborhood and frightens the burglar is better than no alarm system. The truth, it might scare away thieves before they finished the activity. Alarm sensing devices are accessible in many types. For example, radar motion sensors and invisible beams to an automatic phone dialer which effectively calls both the police and the owner.


Add some lights


Adding some lights, to both inside and outside more often than not is an effective deterrent. Add the lighting to a low visible passageway, including windows and vents, so it discourages or at least makes a burglar work rapidly thus making them make mistakes.

Mercury and metallic vapor lights work best for a reason they are virtually unbreakable. You could also mount indoor lighting so anybody on the inside can be spotted by police. It’s best that window don’t obstruct the view from the road.


Keep your safe, safe!


Regardless of the weight or shape, you could mount and bolt your safe to the building. Its best you placed them close to the front of the store so suspicious movement would be visible from the road around evening time. It is also wise to leave the safe empty at night, so burglars come out short.


Use metal gratings and burglar-resistant glass


sign on window says open

An excellent method to protect your display cases is by installing heavy metal window screens and entryway gratings. Now, burglar-resistant glass, a sandwich of plastic between two sheets of glass, obstructs access to displays and the building itself. It’s not unbreakable, but it could take a pounding before it gives in.