It’s genuinely evident to most Locksmiths in Orlando experts but not to the average tenant that apartments have a higher risk of being burglarized than a rental property or a family home.

Although landlords should give the best condo security to their tenants, you shouldn’t sit and wait for the proprietor to deal with these issues for you. Often, the solution will never come since landlords are busy or sometimes too cheap to care.

The truth, living near other occupants, and countless guests entering in your complex increases the danger of a break-in and theft in your apartment. Not knowing who comes in and out is a top reason to increase security in your apartment and, this doesn’t allude just to the individuals who live on the first floor.

So, read our Residential Orlando Locksmith expert recommendations that can help protect your apartment and assets from burglars:


Keep windows and entryways locked

Nice furnished apartment

Most burglaries happen due to opened entryways and windows. Thus, ensure you lock each window and entryway before you leave the apartment even if it’s just to pick up the mail.

Also, your sliding patio doors or windows need to have additional security measures. For example, windows bars and burglar-proof window film. You can even converse with the owner to guarantee outside doors to laundry rooms, and other areas are kept secure.


Purchase additional locks


Installing a mechanical or an electronic deadbolt with a chain lock give additional security. Burglars have a much more difficult timed picking a deadbolt than an ordinary doorknob lock.

Moreover, a chain lock enables you to open the entryway a bit to ask for ID before letting the individual inside. Nowadays, there are even pick-resistant locks and bump proof locks available, so you have many choices to browse.

Security System

apartment security cameras

Does your apartment complex come with a security system then your all set? However, if there’s no system installed, converse with your landlord about installing one that doesn’t require an intrusive installation that requires breaking walls and much wiring. With basic systems, you can hang the equipment, for example, cameras in your apartment without too much stress.

There are many security systems to browse, all giving various features. You can discover even such security systems that can be controlled by your smartphone. These days, security systems are remote, wireless, and, portable. So, regardless if your proprietor wants to give you a system, you can find one with motion detectors that are reasonable and non-invasive to install.


Outdoor lights sensors


If your apartment brings outside lights, you should turn them on every night for better protection against night stalkers. Appropriate lighting can help deter potential interlopers. Some apartment complex has bright walkways, patios, and, parking areas.

If some light look worn out, or you figure extra lighting could help increase the security of your condo, recommend it to your landlord right away. Also, if you are on vacation for a couple of days or weeks, the smart idea is to install timers to control your TV, or light to give the feeling that your home.


magic-eye-peephole device

Installing a peephole means you can see who’s at the other side of the entryway before opening it. Now, if your entryway doesn’t have one, make sure you mount it quickly. A peephole can help you avoid any dangerous circumstances.


Today, there are even digital peephole viewers which incorporate a camera, doorbell, indoor viewer, and, intercom. Other smart peepholes enable you to see who’s at the front of your entryway on your smartphone. So, you don’t have to stand up to see who’s on the other side of the door.

Meet Your Neighbors

friendly neighbors

Being friendly with your neighbors can be valuable with regards to your apartment security. Usually, your neighbors can report any suspicious activity when you’re away. Moreover, you have the opportunity to make a neighborhood watch program to help each other out.