Locksmith in Orlando believes the vast majority of homeowners are unaware that re-keying a lock is also a workable option when changing the access control of the home. It’s no real surprise that a lot of lock replacement providers will not tell you that is cheaper to re-key than to replace the bolts. Re-keying is more inexpensive process than replacing all the locks at a house because rekeying needs fewer materials.

Whereas changing the deadbolts needs brand new components and hardware, re-keying only necessitates new lock keys and pins. Therefore why replace a lot of metal parts when you could do the same thing with less labor cost? There are some instances where it’s essential to change everyone homes lock. However, sometimes a simple re-keying procedure could do the job. So, how exactly can you know if you ought to re-key or replace the bolts?

This guide will give you a summary of each method, then finish off with Orlando Locksmith advice on best ways to select the process which is perfect for the house.

What’s Re-keying?


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  • Rekeying is the procedure of changing the internal mechanism of a lock, so it functions the same but only with a different key.
  • It enables you to maintain most of your trusted locks while making the old passkeys obsolete and better access control of the home.
  • By keeping the majority of the current lock hardware, the rekeying procedure remains one of the least expensive methods of changing the security of one’s house.
  • It also needs to be said that any mistakes made throughout the rekeying process can severely endanger your house security.
  • Therefore, calling a locksmith seems that the best solution.

The method to rekey

To rekey a lock one has to first remove the lock by the doorway, as a way to acquire access into the lock cylinder. The key pins in the barrel are the principal elements which need changing. It could get altered or replace entirely, so long as they produce a different pattern compared to original pin design. Usually, the kit brings new key that’s suitable for the brand new pin arrangement. Boom you’ve successfully reset the access control for the property.

For a home locksmith, it’s a quick, simple, cheap, and secure method to nullify all of the old keys. Also, whether you’re moving into a brand new house, or you’ve made a decision it is time for you to upgrade the security of one’s home, re-keying remains a fantastic alternative for setting access control.



When to change the locks?



While re-keying is your favorite solution for several issues regarding security upgrades, you will sometimes find as it’s logical to go right on and change locks altogether. However, re-keying can’t solve all of the issues with low-quality bolts. Then there are other design flaws which could make this kind of work a risk, like leaving your locks vulnerable to bypass techniques. As some locks need more parts and setup period, changing locks it’s a much more expensive process than re-keying. Nonetheless, it can come with its advantages.

To begin with, it lets you upgrade to better new higher-quality deadbolts. Additionally, it gives you a choice to improve lock design, for example, you like to modify from a mortise lock to a deadbolt. These alternatives for customization and upgrades are all worth the added cost of replacement locks. However, more it’s sometimes not necessarily.


Which access control procedure to pick?


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  1. What do you want to attain by altering the security systems of one’s residence?
  2. Do you wish to change the critical control of one’s deadbolts?
  3. Otherwise, do you want to upgrade to safer, high- quality locks?
  4. Did you have a recent burglary or feel worried about where you live?
  5. Moved into a new place and felt unsafe security wise?


These are some questions to ask yourself before you do any services. The truth, you are the only person that can pick what type of service is ideal for you. However, your neighborhood locksmith could push you in the right direction too if you’re not sure.

If your house was burglarized, you most likely wish to upgrade all of the locks. Then again, if you lost your keys and not sure who has it then rekeying process fits well. And the only change is the new set of keys.