Locksmith in Orlando believes commercial doors have to be constructed more durable to resist the wear and tear of thousands of daily users. Since they’re used so often, doorways could experience numerous problems such as faulty locks, broken hinges, cracked doors, broken levers, and latches that are misaligned.

At Sy King Locksmith, we have observed all kinds of door problems, and in today’s blog, we’d love to discuss a few recommendations to keep your doorways intact and longer-lasting.



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Sometimes when your lock isn’t working correctly, don’t put it off and pretend that it will fix itself over time. Make sure and call a commercial locksmith and do regular maintenance. Even if your door is still functioning, don’t wait until a total breakdown.

Business doors are a significant part of a property, and not having proper working locks or doors can damage your business security. Furthermore, by making sure and not putting off issues, it could be the difference between a simple repair and a more costly replacement.


Do not Leave doors open


Unless you have a device that holds your doors open, do not make a habit of keeping doorways open. They could get vulnerable to getting slammed closed and bent, particularly, during breezy days. Also, it can potentially harm people too.


Treat them kindly

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Even though you cannot control how customers use your doorways you could control the way workers take care of your doors. Avoid using force such as shoulder and kicking when you’re having difficulty turning your key as you can damage the internal mechanics.

It could lead to a cylinder and overall lock replacement or even a key extraction. Make the call before it is a crisis if you feel as if something goes wrong with your locks. It will help you avoid the hassle and money.




As bolts are an essential part of a doorway, lubrication is necessary to the performance of your hinges, locks, latches, as well as other elements of the doorway. Use graphite or better a Teflon lubricant when you do maintenance on your door. It can help remove dirt and grime which could be the cause of the lock malfunctions.


Adjust hinges

Loose hinges


Every time a door opens and shuts, the hinges are put under stress and workload. As time passes, those hinges start to loosen, and failure occurs. The ideal method of preventing this is a few maintenances that involve tightening the screws.

Also, tighten the screws that enter the doorway to the framework. Doing the adjustment maintain the bolt to fall to the ideal area and will continue to keep your doorway aligned. Furthermore, keep the door out of rubbing or pressing against the framework.


Keep the doors dry


Your doors exterior mechanism are constructed to resist the weather. Your hardware or the interior mechanics is not so when you’re cleaning your doorways, attempt not to wet the door locks. Water causes rust, and which causes lock and door malfunctions.


Find a locksmith

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A commercial locksmith is a security adviser and a safety expert that can provide you the reassurance you need every time you have door lock problems or to help you avoid these situations. They could help you discover your security weaknesses and advice alternatives. But back to the door issues. So the main reason people avoid locksmiths services is that they think it’s too expensive. However, waiting for the problem to go away will only make a more troubling issue called security hazard.

Wait, and a burglar could pick up that something could be wrong with the door and use force entry and break-in or when you have bolt failure they could also pick it. My point is that waiting doesn’t help anyone and isn’t more costly a break-in than someone trying to help you. Check references or reviews on Yelp or Facebook since customers love talking good and bad.