SY King Locksmith Orlando, FL top specialists, would like to discuss door locks service options like re-keying or door lock replacement. Indeed, homeowners have the choice to re-key their entryway locks or change the entry door lock. If you’re trying to make sense of which option is best for your home, there is no reason to stress!

To change or rekey a lock, a locksmith requires access to the lock. The Orlando, FL locksmith will need to remove the lock from the entryway. Also, remember not to trade off your safety by saving on parts and labor costs by doing a DIY gig. You could do the job wrong and permit burglars to break into your home more comfortable.

Today I will show you the pros and cons of rekeying or replacing your exterior door locks on your home.


Pros for re-keying locks

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Increased security-Rekeying your locks can enhance your security. For a reason, that it is a simple method for changing your key control. Naturally, by invalidating all other lost, misplace, and, functional keys that could have worked your lock. The truth, new homeowners and movers should rekey their locks. Since past mortgage holders or any individual who may have a duplicate of the key can’t merely stroll into your home. It successfully covers up any loose ends in the security, and it gives the homeowner a new beginning.

Cost effective-When, a locksmith, rekeys the lock, the main components that get changed are the key pins housed inside the lock cylinder. These key pins are economical, particularly when you compared them with the cost of new locksets. It makes rekeying a very cost-effective alternative for mortgage holders who might want to change some part of their security without costing too much. The most you’ll pay for is the labor cost and rekeying kit when you call a locksmith.

A fast and simple procedure-The procedure of rekeying when an expert locksmith is employed becomes a quick and simple job and does not require a ton of labor, or the use of many devices. You’ll need a key decoder, a catch tool, spanner and, the present key for the lock being rekeyed, and, the knowledge of course.


Cons for Rekeying Locks

Limited security upgrades -One drawback of the rekeying procedure is the way that it gives you a limited security boost. I mean, it does help; however, you don’t upgrade any of the other security features of your lock. Let’s say, if you have a low-level lock installed and you choose to rekey the locks, you will still have a low-level lock set up.


Pros of replacing the locks

Replacing door lock reommendations


Upgrade security-Mounting a new lock enables you to upgrade your security. It is usually something that numerous homeowners frequently underestimate.  You can impact how your locks look and feel plus boost the performance in everyday function by replacing your locks with a better one. Also, if you want to install longer screws and insert extra security pins in your lock, then you can too.


Capacity for redesigns-When you select to change your locks instead of rekeying them, you have the advantage of having the option to update your locks home security. It implies you can enhance the security measures that you previously had set up or didn’t set up. For example, if you had installed a cheap deadbolt on your entryway, you can’t redesign your lock to a Grade 1 deadbolt by rekeying. On the other hand, you could likewise choose to remove the traditional lock and move up to smart lock technology.

Cons for Replacing Locks

Pay for parts and labor-Unlike the rekeying procedure, changing your locks will usually cost more since you will have to pay for the cost of labor and the expense of the lockset that you require. The price of the lockset is significantly more costly than your standard key pins. To mortgage holders that have a significant spending plan, this isn’t quite a bit of a negative.




So ‘what’s the best strategy that can work best for your home? First, you need to consider the particular needs of your home security. There are a few situations where rekeying a lock is significantly more reasonable and better than replacing a lock. The best way to figure out the solution is to set aside the time to comprehend what will benefit your home.