Orlando Locksmiths know giving a quality secure life to your loved ones and property will always be a top priority of needs as a homeowner. Among all the security equipment devices used by locksmiths in Orlando, FL to help homeowners provide that security to their family is the mortise lock.

Mortise locks are popular while being an old design it has stood the test of time. These locks are sturdy, dependable, and, diverse in their construction. Due to their life span, it is likewise critical to know how to maintain the mortise locks.

With their one of a kind modular construction, the lock can be dismantled and reassembled. So, it makes it conceivable to spare the lock and save on repair bills. Their features also lend them toward specific usages.

Mortise lock usage

Commercial spaces use mortise locks because of their quality and unwavering reliability. The parts for each model and brand will vary a little. Nevertheless, the design of the mortise lock can withstand use and misuse. Mortise locks are perfect for business and building that have high foot-traffic. The internal mechanism is likewise designed to be well replaceable and serviceable, which proves to be useful for new homeowners too.

The parts have sturdy metal construction, significant springs, and, built out of durable materials. After a long time of business or home use, the locks should get replaced or fixed in parts. Now, for homes, the amount of utilization will undoubtedly not start to impact the lock’s function until ages have passed, or extreme weather has rusted or debilitated the parts. Most old mortise locks found on old homes are original to the house. Due to the lock’s longevity, they will work for much time.

How mortise lock work?

Stand with mortise door locks closeup

Mortise locks have a different internal mechanism compared to the standard bored cylinder lock. A bored cylinder lock is common on residential doors. You can recognize the lock cylinder easily since it’s mounted inside the handle or knob. However, it’s difficult to see is that the latch bolt in these locks attaches to the framework of the lock.

Furthermore, it isn’t as straightforward as the preassembled lock that you may use for business use. The mortise has many different parts that must be put into a pocket inside the entryway. A preassembled lock will likewise fit into a notch in the entryway. However, a mortise must get assembled close to the pocket.


Mortise lock parts

Lock Body – The housing for the bolt function, which are the parts that will disengage and engage with the lock.

Handle/Knobs – You turn this device to retract the latch once the entryway gets unlocked.

Through Spindle – This long rod connects the handles through the entryway and mortise lock body.

Lock Cylinder – It secures the entryway into the lock body. Therefore when you insert a key in the entryway, it will open. A mortise lock cylinder has a cam, which is a rotating rectangular bit of metal that controls the handle’s ability to retract the latch.

Strike Plate – This metal part is fastened onto the entryway to line up with the latch bolt and the probable deadbolt that located in the lock body of the mortise.


Advantages of installing a mortise lock in your home

Mortise lock installation

Creative Commons Image Courtesy Heron2

  1. One of the benefits of installing a mortise lock on your entryways at home is that you can bolt the entryway from the interior or exterior. It makes it perfect for front entryways, giving security when you are inside or out of your home.
  2. Modern mortise locks are accessible in various sizes to fit the many types of home entryways. You can also counsel with a reliable locksmith professional on how to combine your mortise lock with other home security equipment devices for better security.
  3. Another security advantage of mortise locks is that it must be open with a key on the outside and an unlocked with a latch from the inside. This novel makes it appropriate for exterior doors.
  4. Mortise locks also have a feature known as the ‘passage function’ which enables an entryway to be secured without being locked, making it perfect for kids’ rooms.