Stay Away from These Five Home Security Errors

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We at Sy King Locksmith in Orlando realize homeowners will do whatever it takes to keep their family and homes protected. These same owners regularly utilize high tech security devices like security alarms to increase their safety.

However, burglaries are notoriously hard to solve. Police do not solve many of these crimes, and retrieval of the property is even more improbable to take place. Therefore, you will need to avoid potential risk to keep these situations from happening.

So, think about putting resources into services from an expert Orlando locksmith — and stay away from these five securities errors:

Try not to utilize company picket signs

You may imagine that utilizing security signs from a specific security business should stop burglaries from occurring, yet it’s not enough. Stickers and picked signs could demonstrate viable effectiveness. However, criminals could access data on most alarm systems and find ways to bypass them, mainly if your entryways don’t have keyless entry.

A better idea would be to consider a more general sign that brings on the presence of a security system without giving information on the company type. A detailed data picket sign could hurt you, for example, a Brinks sign. However, a general warning can fend off criminals who are not sure or can’t verify if the info is right.

Try not to leave the lights on all day or night

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When you go on a trip, you could leave a couple of light bulbs on to give the feeling that somebody is at home. However, having the lights on all day could create similar issues as having no lights turned on for a considerable time. Usually, a talented burglar can deduce no one’s home, especially, if the house got targeted.

A better idea, use timers in many places of your home at various times of the day. Often, you most likely could control these timers remotely and alarmed if a situation arises inside your home through motion sensors.

Don’t keep all your valuables in one place

A spot burglars search for assets is in the master bedroom. Keep valuables away from the master bedroom and make sure to put them in better places throughout the home. Thieves are less inclined to check for these things in garages or the attic.

However, it’s smarter to place them in a safe bolt to the ground or keep the most expensive items at a safety deposit box. Remember, to keep the code or key somewhere safe and not in the same place.

Don’t hide your keys outside the home


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If you don’t have a keyless entry door installed from a trusted locksmith in Orlando specialist, then make sure you don’t keep an extra key outside in familiar places. Many individuals will conceal their keys under stones, welcoming mats, plants or a porcelain figure.

You may think is safe, but it is not good enough for hoodlums not to find your hiding spot. So, instead, think about giving your extra key to a trusted neighbor, relative or friend. Even better, get high-security electronic keyless entry locks.

Stay away from social media when you’re on a trip

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It is enticing to post on Facebook or Twitter when you’re away on vacation. However, your giving burglars the info they need. Posting tells thieves your location and when will you be coming back and then they could coordinate their attack.

Make sure to change your privacy setting from public to private unless your family member is also a criminal then, your safe from public eyes. It’s best to fight the temptation to update everybody about your vacation until after you’re back home.

Like that, you can make the most of your trip while enjoying it while knowing no one knows you’re not there.


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