Not to sound like a lock sales dealer but truthfully, most locksmiths in Orlando believe the most unappreciated part of home security is the locks on your entryways. People use their home locks every day; however, pay them no mind until it’s too late.

The truth, ordinary people, pay no attention to deadbolts until a couple of years ago! Innovation has improved the way locks look with smart locks. Locks and deadbolts are not as flashy as surveillance cameras or alarm systems since they are a regular part of our daily lives, so it’s simple for individuals to disregard them. Nevertheless, just because we don’t pay attention to them, it doesn’t mean we don’t need them!

Most expert Orlando locksmith will agree that exterior locks will always be as essential to home security as much as the type of front door you installed in your home.

Knowledge is Essential


With such vast numbers of choices and considerations when it comes to front entryway lock replacement, the main thing that you should do is know the bare necessities for entryway security. Yes, knowledge is critical! A front entryway must have at least one deadbolt. There are numerous kinds of entryway locks that you could utilize on private homes. However, the deadbolt lock is the most significant lock on a front entryway.

Why? A deadbolt is a lock that furnishes the entryway with real security! Instead of the entryway handle lock, which utilizes a spring-loaded latch that does not extend deep into the doorframe. Meaning it can be bypassed with a credit card or destroyed with a hammer.

Make sure that your new locks are meant for use on outside entryways. For instance, the sort of interior locks you would use on a restroom entryway isn’t fit for the front entryway. If you understand numbers as I do, then you should know that burglars attack the front door more than 30 percent of the time to gain entry.

Decide the desired level of security

broken door lock

When you analyze front entryway lock replacement, the first things to remember are the security features that your deadbolt provide. A top worry needs to be the amount of force that can be applied to the lock before the deadbolt fails. Admittedly, most burglars will try to kick or shoulder push a front door instead of lock-picking.

Yes, lock-resistance is also significant, but more as an approach to prevent lock-bumping since most lawbreakers don’t pick locks. I know we see videos on YouTube all the time of how specialized people pick locks, but burglars want to get inside quickly. So, only lock-bumping and assaults provide a faster entrance.


Daily Use


How will you utilize your locks? Also, consider the number of occupants in the home. Think about how regularly the entryway will be opened and locked. If you intend to have many people over for gatherings or have many family members living in the home, a mortise lock may serve you better to a standard rim cylinder deadbolt.

The fact, all metal things including locks can wear out and rust. However, some locks are simpler to service and fix than others. Today, there are smart locks that could be controlled remotely, for example, opening the door for a friend while you’re not home. Furthermore, give access to workers for a job and to take away access when they finish too.

Make sure that you understand the differences between smart locks and traditional ones so you know which will suit your requirements. Remember, today, your locks can both be integral to your way of life and at the same time improving your daily life.


Pick quality not only brand names

There is something more to purchasing a lock than simply grabbing any door lock from a store. Try to understand there are other ways to tell if a lock is worth your money. The manufacturers of lock brands can mislead you with their claims of lifetime warranties and grading info. However, with the tips above your options for what products you will use for your door will start to shrink.

Front entryway lock replacement is not only about the name brand on the lock you are purchasing but the quality security the lock gives. Indeed, the best lock makers make products considering various dangers like lock-picking or force entry or for more specialty purposes. The same knowledge you used to buy your car should get used to pick your door lock. For example, testing from independent sources (BHMA) will serve you well just as recommendations from experts like us.