Residential locksmith

When you love and care for something, you want that something to be safe, we all share this feeling. The care we show makes a big part of this, and this goes for your home too. It doesn’t matter if you live alone, with a spouse or with family or friends, it is your sincere interest and ours as your local Orlando locksmith to keep your home secure.

The thought of being burgled or your home becoming compromised because of something you were able to fix is horrible. A good locksmith near me is always a good idea for my home inspection. Sometimes burglaries will happen when you’ve taken every precaution, but a lot of the time they’re opportunistic and prompted by poor property integrity.

A thief who sees an enclosed empty property with no alarm, old doors and windows and easily-broken locks may see a natural in-and-out opportunity. Seeing the same home with extra security features and knowing that either security cameras or other properties can see he/she isn’t likely to inspire them to break in.



Burglary tips

  • Do all your windows lock properly? You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t or can’t close their windows, particularly ground floor ones. It’s a general way for thieves to gain entry, so make sure all windows work correctly. See our range of secure windows here.


  • Do you have outside lighting, a security camera, or neighbors overlooking your property? If a thief thinks they’re going to be seen, then they may think twice about targeting your home. Everyone likes privacy, but ensuring you don’t have large bushes or trees completely surrounding your home can be enough to put off criminals.


  • Do you leave tools/ladders in an open or poorly secured area of your garden? Using your tools and DIY paraphernalia against you is one of the most frustrating ways to be burgled. Keep your tools locked firmly away and out of sight, and never leave ladders in your garden unattended.


  • Do you have a security alarm system at home? Just the presence of an alarm box visually detectable on the side of your home can be enough, most of the time to deter even the most careless of thieves. These days, alarms come with a wide range of accessories and are wireless and therefore very easy to fit.


  • Have you considered getting any additional security measure for your back and patio doors? Back and patio doors which open outwards or inwards (French doors) rather than slide are often overlooked as a vulnerable entry to your home. Mul-T-Lock new locking systems are a cheap and effective way to deter unwanted visits.




Showing love and care to your home is more than just keeping it safe and secure. Creating a home which you love spending time in and which looks great from both the outside and the inside is a respectful way to treat your most valuable asset. It never hurts to get compliments from your friends and neighbors within the Orlando area and surrounding!

Getting your property just how you want it can take years, so it’s important to be patient with this kind of improvement. Some home improvements can bring benefits but make little difference to how your home looks and feels.

Other types of development can make a massive difference to the curb appeal of your home and make you feel happier and prouder to live there. These types of jobs can give you and your home a considerable boost and don’t have to be hugely expensive.