If you own any business, especially, a retail store, then Google Orlando “locksmith near me” since you may undeniably experience both theft or burglary and you will need professional help to get back on track. To a degree, it goes with the territory of operating a business since stores are straightforward targets for criminals. Crime occurs during night hours when the store is closed and empty. However, theft also transpires during the day when foot traffic is more common.

Many business owners may have mild security measures to protect their business. Nevertheless, there are other countermeasures that you can take to guard your retail store from misfortunes, such as a break-in. Our Commercial Locksmith in Orlando will show you below the most recent security trends and tips for keeping your business protected.


Install the right locks for both front and back doors

Two door locks

Surely, you need to protect your store with durable locks. However, what’s not clear is the type of locks that are right for your business. Typically, to collect on insurance cash, most policies require proof of forced entry. When you select your lock, make sure a burglar can’t bypass it so quickly. Therefore, pin tumbler cylinder locks are recommended, alongside a double cylinder deadbolt. Talk to your local locksmith today to ask about what kind of entryway lock is best for your situation.

Numerous business owners make security a priority on the front door or primary access to the business – and that can become a security hazard. Some burglars like the entry that is less occupied. Most likely, the back entrance that conveyances deliveries and allows foot traffic from your employees seems an easy target. So ensure you protect the back doors with high-security locks and auxiliary deadbolts.

Routinely rekey the store locks

When you manage a business, the odds are that you have workers that need access to rooms. So, you’ll want to give them spare keys, but often, these keys get lost or misplaced, supposedly. Notwithstanding, after managing so many employees, you realize that not all workers leave on excellent terms. You likewise understand that angry employees frequently don’t return their passkeys. Thus, it’s critical to rekey your store door locks routinely and much cheaper than replacing the locks. I don’t mean to rekey every month but every couple of months if you have a lot of employees who kept or have spares.

Put resources into a safe

Bank safe with money stacks

When a burglar breaks into your retail store, you don’t want them to take any valuables, including your hard-earned money. For that reason, it’s so critical to put resources into a high-security safe to store cash and other valuables. For greater security, we’d suggest putting away the safe in a protected room of the store, behind another locked entryway.

It will make the intruder job more troublesome and time-wasting. Furthermore, make an effort not to keep a lot of money in the store. We’d suggest making bank deposits every day but try to change the hour, so a criminal doesn’t get a hint of your deposit time. We don’t want something terrible to happen to you.

Security systems

You could install a security system to defend your retail store from nighttime attacks. You will need to arm these security systems after shutting down the store to detect any forced entry techniques. It will typically, send an alert to the local police department if the system detects an intruder. Often, these systems come equipped with video surveillance to help with the arrest of shoplifters and internal theft.

Different tips

Dark passageway

I have more tips to keep your retail store secure here. For example, having entrances well-lit can help deter burglars, as there’s a less chance for intruders to find somewhere to hide.

Another security tip is to keep any sensitive customer information either from computer hard drives or paper documents safe. It guarantees if your retail store gets broken into, the essential information of your clients won’t go missing.

To conclude, it’s significant that you make sure you understand the conditions of your insurance policy on your retail store.


Contact a local locksmith


Whether you want security for your home or your business, it’s fundamental to secure it as much as possible. With regards to your house, you’re protecting your family and your valuables. Now, with regards to your business, you’re securing your product, cash and, maybe above all, your clients’ information. For more information on retail security, contact SY King Locksmith today.