How to Secure Your Business from Burglars

Having a successful business is not an easy task; it takes a lot of dedication, long hours of work and patience to pull it off. So, why to risk all of your efforts by having weak security in your company?  According to Chicago-based insurance agency Ensure on statistics nearly 8.8 businesses suffered from a burglary in 2016. That could be any of us losing in our shops. Besides going back and forth with the insurance can be very stressful while still trying to run your business. That is why Locksmith in Orlando FL brings you some tips to secure your business against burglars.


A Top Notch Licensed Lock and Security Company Can Help


Having Locksmiths install locks and safes is a smart way to keep your valuables protected. But they aren’t the only two measures to keep your business safe from unwanted guests. Twenty-first-century technology puts a lot of security tools at your disposal. Locksmiths recommend top-notch security systems for your business. Such as access control systems, systems for keys fewer entries, CCTV installation, alarm systems and high-security cylinders and locks. Just remember to hire a licensed bonded company that can do these services.

Besides having high tech security systems installed there are additional measures you can take to avoid thieves, and here are some ideas for you:




 Ensure Your Windows and Doors


Although window shopping is a marketing strategy, keeping your stock visible at all times is a risky business, especially after closing time. Most business owners oversee that this a potential weak spot for thieves to get in.

One solution to this problem besides removing all the inventory displayed is to install bars or add alarms. Also, window films are useful in preventing the glass from breaking when a burglar is attempting to force an entry. Moreover, having a locksmith add some latches and locks to your windows and doors is a great call.

Video and alarm systems

The great thing about alarms is that they not only protect the property and the perimeter from a break in, but most of them have a surveillance system, that notifies a trained staff that contacts, both, the owners and the authorities in case of burglar attempt.

Video surveillance, on the other hand, it’s a complementary device as it catches enough footage to capture a thief. This technology is getting cheaper and more convenient every year, which makes the small investment worth it.

Keyless entries and access control systems

Modern technology has high security and convenient devices for businesses. One of them is the traditional access card or badge, but access control systems are not limited to this and include biometric verification: voice, fingerprint, and iris recognition.

What an access control system does is granting or denying the access to particular physical or logical assets within a company based on each employee’s level of authority. This system prevents unwanted access to areas or information to people who are not authorized.

So, instead of each employee having a set of key for particular areas of the business, they have an access card. A control system is a more secure and convenient way. Because you don’t need to keep a record to identify which employee has a key.

Heavy-duty locks and key control

Nevertheless, asking a locksmith to install locks on doors and windows is not a bad thing after all.

Other useful tips:

  • Protect the business valuables, deposit substantial amounts of money and checks in the bank as soon as possible
  • Select a safe that suits the needs of the business for stock or cash; different types of saves can do the job.
  • Secure your doors by reinforcing the frames with steel.
  • Add external light and cameras directed to windows and vulnerable areas.