Numerous merchants will find a way for you to replace a deadbolt, yet not very many will give you the data to manage the things you don’t anticipate, but Locksmith Orlando will share a little light on the subject.

Indeed, even less give information of the correct deadbolt to help you accomplish the objectives.

There are many reasons, but I think the majority worry about telling you of the extra costs that supplanting your deadbolts will bring.

The reason that you are changing your deadbolt will impact each daily choice that you make since the front door is open continuously through the day.

If replacing your locks is too complicated for a DIY job then an Orlando locksmith will give you a hand.

These details will influence your approach and your worries in the following ways:

Signs of the inevitable change of the deadbolt:

Malfunctioning Deadbolt

When changing a deadbolt, you have to know the reasons why it broke.

At the point when a deadbolt breaks or malfunction, it can give you understanding into when to consider a replacement.

Maybe the motive behind the broken bolt breaking is that it was not the correct bolt or was terrible quality.

A deadbolt that breaks is because it was old and worn, so your concern will be to replace your deadbolt with a better one.

A typical issue arises when customers want to save their deadbolt, but the problem with the entryway is changing a deadbolt would mean reinforcing the door since every hole you cut weakens the door.

Overhauling Security

When you supplant a deadbolt bolt for a better quality brand, it is imperative to know how much power the deadbolt will withstand and protection from lock picking.

You may want to get high-quality deadbolts that bring heavy steel with no plastic as plastic debilitates the lock.

If you like your old lock, then look for the brand online and check for upgrades so you could quickly have it send to your home for proper installation.

When upgrading the deadbolts, you have to improve the door hinges, door chains, and, screws too.

Beauty comes first right?

The fundamental concern when you change a deadbolt for beauty reasons is that it may bring down your security or installing a lock that’s incorrect for front door security.

ANSI certified lock

ANSI is a private non-profit association that directs and facilitates the standard to develop and to maintain manufacturer’s equipment to a high level so an ANSI level 1 deadbolts should be your priority!

Is replacing a deadbolt with another deadbolt practical?

deadbolt lock

The truth you don’t need to use different locks as a substitution for example, some doors like bathroom which use simple lock don’t need a deadbolt so you could install the same type, but front door and backdoors always need a deadbolt.

Regardless of whether your entryway is new, or adding another deadbolt to a current entryway, it is critical to comprehend the doors that you are handling.

Numerous entryways that don’t accompany pre-drilled cross bore holes for mounting deadbolts, were not intended to hold deadbolts.

Interior doors can’t support deadbolts since they have a hollow core, it would stay useless if installed since just applying force will be enough to open.

Adding a lock where there was no lock debilitates the entryway since you bored a hole to insert the deadbolt.

Even upgrading to a stronger entryway will still weaken your door as you are eliminating a great deal of material.

Make a point to introduce metal strike plates and to include more heavy metal content like a heavy duty lock since you removed a lot of wood.


When you change a deadbolt, you can make a couple of improvements to the security as is one of the reasons for the overhaul.

There are essential ways to enhance their front entryway security. However, the best things you can do while you supplant a deadbolt is to include upgrade, for example, longer screws, strike plates, door bars, chains, rim locks, and side hinge units.

Regardless of whether you are buying at a tool shop or on the web, get the extra supplies while you shop but in case you’re not knowledgeable then ask an expert but read first like you’re doing right now.

Are smart locks the future?

smart locks

Regardless of whether it is for accommodation, appearance, or security, you might need to exploit the technology headways made in the security industry.

There are numerous kinds of smart locks, however, you should know about the points of interest of the electronic security features.

And if you’re willing to give up on your traditional locks then get ready to use your electronic locks.

If opening a lock on your cell phone does not sound right, then a good option is keyless padlock as you don’t have to carry a key anymore.

I’m not sold on smart lock since there are not flawless, so you must be more mindful of support and the technical side since cyber-crime is on the rise and they have the same problems as any computer does.