Rekeying a Door Lock or Should you Replace your Door Lock?

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rekeying a door lock

Rekeying a door lock and replacing your door lock are two suitable options that Locksmith in Orlando, FL, security experts can implement to secure your property from burglars. Also, there are instances, for example, where you moved into another home or have been in the same house for a long time and it may be time for you to change your locks. Usually, the first thing that Locksmith Orlando experts recommend when you move into a new or another house is to change the locks. No one can know if someone made copy keys of your front door.

However, do you have time and cash to get an entire set of locks installed? It is ok to replace your door locks, but it’s good to know that’s not the only available option. The information below will assist you in gaining a better understanding of rekeying a lock.

We’ve likewise added a few tips on how to make sense of which choice is better for various situations you may experience.

So let’s begin.


What is rekeying a lock?

red door handle lock

When an expert locksmith in Orlando, FL, rekeys a lock, they will change the internal springs and pins in the lock cylinder. If you take a key you’ll notice the ridges, those markings represent to the proper lock’s internal springs and pins. The arrangement of those parts matches the key, permitting it to be used to open a door. The rekeying procedure requires adjusting those parts inside the lock cylinder so the key will not work anymore. But a new key can be made to work the lock.

For a locksmith to rekey a lock, you’ll need the current key. When you lose your key, you can still rekey your lock with the spare key. It’s also possible to rekey a door lock without the original key. However, it will require the locksmith to pick the lock and may bring more labor costs for you.


Pros and cons of rekeying door locks



Compared with changing an entire lock, rekeying is usually more economical since it uses the current lock body. You will pay for labor, not parts.

Quick Process

Locksmith experts can quickly rekey locks with professional tools and the current key. This should be a straightforward operation for our locksmith.


Rekeying doesn’t increase the security of your locks. For example, if you have a medium level lock installed and you rekey it, you will have the same medium level lock. Therefore, rekeying is more limited than changing your locks.


When to rekey a door lock


If you’re happy with the performance, security, and brand of your current locks, but you want to ensure old keys will no longer operate it, rekeying a door lock is an incredible and smart alternative.

There are a few situations when you’d need to rekey your locks, for example:


  • You lost or misplaced your house keys and you want to prevent any potential danger of somebody using your found keys to break-in.
  • You just moved and want to ensure you have control of who accesses your new home.
  • Want to deny access to your spouse, roommate, or someone else you had a nasty breakup with.

When to change your locks

change door lock

Then again, changing your locks might be the best approach in these situations below:

  • You want to experience a modern technology, for example, smart locks or electronic lock system that reads your eyes or fingerprint (biometrics).
  • You’re not happy with the design, brand, or even the condition of the locks. This typically occurs to homeowners who have recently bought a property and notice the locks don’t match their home.
  • Often, the owners don’t like the security that their locks provide. So, they’ll want to upgrade to high-security locks because of anti-pick and anti-bump security features they heard so much about.


Need a Locksmith?


Regardless if you choose to rekey or change your locks, we recommend hiring an expert locksmith who has the skills and tools to handle the job correctly.

If you need more assistance in deciding to rekey or replace your locks, contact Orlando Locksmith for more information. Learn more about the pros of rekeying a door lock and we’ll also offer you excellent guidance on upgrading your home or business security with a superior lock system.

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