Even though numerous individuals only stress over night-time security, Locksmith in Orlando specialists believe, and stats back us up that most burglaries happen during the day when most people are at work, school, or shopping. It’s essential to set countermeasures all the time, even when you go out for a couple of minutes.

When protecting your family and your assets, there are a lot of ways you can protect your home from theft. This post will talk about countermeasures to take both inside and outside your home. Furthermore, even not so conventional approaches to keep your home secured. Don’t allow your home to fall prey to a criminal: make it difficult to the point they give up! Usually, homeowners Google locksmith near me when it’s too late, but Sy King Locksmith will help with some hints:


Get serious about the security

front door security updates


Set up a double cylinder deadbolt with metal reinforcing plates on the doorframe and entryway.  Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity, and a popular method for entry is breaking the window next to the door.

However, with a double cylinder deadbolt you lower that attempt to zero since you need a key to open from indoors too. Make sure you know where you place your keys to keep from a potential issue when attempting to leave your home in case of fire since you will need a key to open the interior lock.

Also, criminals enter homes through windows, and some push an ill installed air conditioning unit out of the way. It’s essential to secure your AC unit, so burglars can’t enter through them and add some window film, so the windows don’t break. Well-mounted security doors or burglar bars on the ground floor makes criminals think twice of trying to enter.


Hide your valuables from view


Keep beautiful things such as an expensive car from view, especially if you have a garage. Please, use the garage since even with an excellent alarm, a crook could still try to break the car window to steal the stereo costing you much money to fix the window and radio.

Close your blinds when your not home to hide assets inside your house from peeping burglars who may act as a salesperson or lost out of state travelers. Throw away boxes that show new purchased high-priced things like laptop or a big TV. However, make sure not to let it sit outside for too long. I mean, make sure to put it out during trash pick-up day.


Keep the outside lit

outside house lighting

Mount excellent outside lighting on a timer to deter a thief. The best strategy is to mount motion activated floodlights on timers close to entrances or doors. For example, the basement entryway, garage, and backdoor patio. When the motion light turns on, it lets you know immediately that a person or thing has infringed your property. Don’t worry; these lights don’t take much of your energy since they turn on and off simultaneously.

Hide things that could be used as a weapon



Please, don’t leave knives, guns, baseball bats or anything that criminals could use as a weapon out on display in your home. Often, burglars don’t bring a gun when entering a home. However, if they do find something enticing, they will use it against you, for example, if you wake up or stumble upon their work. Yes, most burglars don’t mean to use violence, but, the intruder will attack the homeowner if the owner wakes up.


The worst thing is that if you confront an intruder in your home and you get cut with one of your kitchen knives, the burglar can argue self-defense. Yes, the defense can argue that it wasn’t planned since the defendant didn’t carry a weapon when he/she entered your home. Usually, the criminal will lose but who wants to deal with that type of case. Most of the time, robbery victims who arm themselves end up having the weapon utilized on themselves because they don’t have experience with weapons. The best alternative is to hide away and call 911 and keep the cops inform of their location.


Take self-defense classes

Karate man breaking brick stones with hand

Burglars don’t like being challenged, or if they encounter a job that’s too difficult, they will usually, give up. Many people are often moments away from facing a burglary that could become a home invasion. For instance, they may wake up during the night or come back from errands early only to find the burglar in their home.

Often, people fight back, but before you do make sure you know how to fight. Take a self-defense class in Orlando so you can be better prepared in case of an emergency like a home invasion.