Yes, Orlando locksmith specialists like padlocks because they protect places and things that often a deadbolt lock can’t reach. Padlocks come in various sizes, with multiple approaches to open, and, with many levels of security. Also, padlocks cost from only a couple of dollars to several hundreds of dollars depending on your needs.


Like I said above, securing valuables and places like sheds is a top need for many property owners, and padlocks are an incredible method to accomplish that objective. At SY King Locksmith in Orlando, FL, we work in different fields of the industry to secure the things that matter the most. We are here to help regardless if it’s an installation of home door locks upgrade, or guiding you through the best available padlocks. So, which is the best padlock for your needs?

Does the USA have a grading system for padlocks?


Like entryway locks, padlocks have a grading system in Europe. In Europe, graded padlocks start from 1-6 (One being the least secure and six being a high-security lock). However, in the USA, it’s challenging to figure out the legitimately of the lock. In the US, we have a grading system for deadbolt locks but not for padlocks so you’ll have to do some research.


Qualities of a Good Padlock

Abloy padlock


The overall weight of the padlock is essential. When assessing locks, go with heaviest, since it means it uses quality materials.

Shackle construction can be used to decide how difficult it is to cut the lock off. Mostly, thicker the better, however, you might be limited by the size of the gap you are securing the shackle.

Try to purchase a padlock without round shackles. Master Lock created a padlock with an octagonal shackle. The method makes it difficult for criminals to use bolt cutters since the flat surface will distribute the force of the cutters making it more challenging.

Shackle Guards are likewise an excellent feature of a secure padlock. It adds another layer that needs to get through to cut through a shackle. Nevertheless, they can’t be utilized in numerous applications since they make shackle clearance restrictions.

Various types of padlocks



Standard padlocks arrive in U-shaped and work only with keys.

Combination padlocks. The top benefit of combination padlocks is that you don’t need a key to open them. However, you have to remember the combination!

There are two types of combination padlocks. The old-style locker lock with a pinning disk that opens the lock after rotation. Since the wheel rotation is a particular sequence, they can be challenging to open.

The other style has a combination wheel. A few disks are in a line, and each disk is turned to the right number/letter to enter the mix. Much of the time, you can find these padlocks with a weather guard to protect the spinning wheels from dirt or dust, rust, and, a downpour can be an issue.

Shackle-less padlocks are perfect for a particular type of application. It removes the way people bypass a padlock (cutting the shackle). People use these on service vehicles that have expensive equipment to secure the van entryways. These padlocks require a unique hasp designed to ensure the entryways.

Baggage Locks- After September 11, 2001, special locks were instituted for airport luggage. These TSA approved locks are combination locks that can be opened by inspectors using a universal key.

Disk Storage Padlock is assembled specially for the standard storage shed unit. These disc locks have a small shackle making them difficult to cut through when attempting to break-in. They are phenomenal for storage units yet have next to nothing of usability somewhere else.


Will the padlock be utilized outside or inside?

If you need an outdoor padlock, we recommend using a corrosion-resistant lock. These padlocks come produced with stainless-steel and are the best at withstanding the elements. Nickel-plated brass padlocks are likewise useful for external use but to a lesser extent but still satisfactory.

Do you need a costly padlock?

Iron padlocks

Like all security, it comes down to the value of what you are securing with the padlock. If you owned a business and was attacked, resulting in much damage and monetary losses, then a high-security padlock becomes a need. If you have a shed with nothing valuable inside to take then low-end padlock will be sufficient.

Again, what makes an excellent padlock? To look for the right padlock, you don’t need fancy bells, whistles nor Bluetooth, and, not even the biometric scanner. Your top concern when securing high-valued property or belongings needs to be the quality of materials.