Orlando Locksmiths experts have written many security measures blog posts for new homeowners. Protecting a home is different than the small apartment, you had lived in before buying your new home. Yes, a house has more points of entry than an apartment, and if you have many children running around, then you’ll need to protect those entrances. Remember, no matter how crime rates go both high or low, burglary will never end.

Regardless if you own a home or a renter, home security needs to be a top need. Usually, burglars target properties with practically zero security or homes that look abandoned or easily available. Notwithstanding, with numerous US homes not implementing fundamental security measures, there are many things people can do to nullify break-ins. These deterrents implemented by locksmith in Orlando expert will better protect families, homes, and, assets.

If you’re hoping to expand your home security, here are some proven tips you can begin executing today.


Change or re-key new home locks right away

Front door security for homeowners


Re-keying home locks when you recently move-in isn’t something you may think of doing immediately. Nevertheless, if all previous proprietor or leaseholder of your new home had keys, then it can be a catastrophe waiting to happen. Who the hell knows how many of those keys stayed in people’s hands or if those people have criminal minds.

Unless you’ve built a new home with your own hands, you can never be sure of the number of sets of keys to your property exists. If strangers having keys to your home doesn’t worry you, then you’ll be putting your family and valuables in danger!

To make sure your safe, pre-existing homes need to have locks re-keyed. It will ensure no one has keys to open your home except for approved friends and family members. If you’re leasing, check with your property manager whether you can have the locks re-keyed.

Introduce an alarm system or CCTV cameras


Putting resources into a home security framework can give another level of security you need, regardless if you’re renting or you own the property. Alarm systems, CCTV cameras, or even DIY cameras are successful deterrents, which thieves honestly dislike.

Truthfully, burglars hate alarm systems and dogs. Dogs can kill, and the alarm system will get them a couple of years behind bars depending on their record.

Some security systems may likewise limit loses. If a burglar attempts to challenge the framework, alarms can initiate, and a warning will be sent to you or nearby police. Usually, it will drive the intruder away, so your home and things can stay safe.


Add sensor and timers to light outdoor key areas

lantern for outside home

To help deter criminals from targeting your property, you can use home lighting. Houses that look empty, dark or vacant are straightforward targets for burglars. Therefore, add sensors or timed lighting, or mainly when you’re not home to give the impression of an occupied house.

An outdoor area that is sufficiently bright, with trees and bushes trimmed and kept up, will be a lesser target. Also, the entrance to your home needs to be well- lit, controlled by a light timer to save you on the energy bill. Yes, it will make it more secure and increasingly comfortable for owners returning home after dark. Yet it’ll likewise act as a sound deterrent.

Mount the right types of locks for entry doors

Locksmith Orlando key and lock service

Front entryways with lever or knob lock can’t do much to a criminal with a hammer or powerful kick. Knob locks are suitable for interior office or house doors but not outside doors. While strengthened entryways are imperative to home security, quality deadbolts and locking systems will help stop forced entry techniques like kicking. The most popular sort of deadbolt lock is the single-cylinder followed by the double-cylinder deadbolts.

If you would like something more modern, then smart locks work well too. Smart locks can tell you if an intruder opened the entryway or if someone is attempting to bypass it through lock-picking techniques.


Add to your door and window resistances with security screens and double glazing

I know window security is not my expertise; however, I do read a lot and the most well-known technique for passage into homes next to door attacks is windows. Therefore, install mesh security screens as a security deterrent since it will enable you to open the house up without endangering your safety.


Security screens are commonly produced using aluminum, which is difficult to break and visually appealing for properties. However, if you don’t like mesh, then double glazing on windows can keep burglars from breaking the glass to enter while still looking invisible to a passerby.