Transforming your home into a vacation rental bodes well in these uncertain financial times but our Orlando Locksmith specialists have a question. How does the person you lease the home to will gain access to the house if you’re not there?

Will you hide a key under the welcome mat? As locksmiths in Orlando experts, we advise not to leave a key under the rug for many security reasons, for example, every burglar knows of this trick so no way. Today you have numerous electronic choices to choose. It will enable you to issue temporary codes, open the lock remotely, and even control the AC units or thermostat with peripheral components integrated with Z-Wave or ZigBee systems. These electronic devices are called smart locks.

Smart locks pros for a vacation home

Beach vacation home

For improved security in your vacation rental home or apartment, we suggest you find a top smart lock. The smart lock is a dependable and secure approach to guard the house.

These electronic deadbolts are straightforward to lock and open through the touchscreen or push buttons on the lock. Enter the pin code, and poof you have entrance inside the house. However, the renters will never have your homes actual key. So once their code expires or gets removed remotely from the lock, they can never again access the house.

You can connect these electronic deadbolts with your smartphone and control the locks remotely. A locksmith can install and program these electronic locks easily.


Lock grades explained

Smart locks have the same interior mechanism that traditional locks have, but the main difference is the way you control it remotely or a pin. Therefore, you need an item that is at least an ANSI Grade 2 lock. Grading allows the homeowners and locksmith alike decides the strength and security of the lock that will protect a home or apartment.

Grade 3 is the lowest, and Grade 1 is the best. A lock constructed from robust and quality materials is perfect for much use and high-security requirements. Typically, many Grade 3 lock items presently have plastic parts which not adequate for protection. Consider ANSI Grade 1 since these locks have been tested to the most stringent standards.



Image by Daylen Creative Commons

For simple use of the smart electronic deadbolt, you have to think of one as that is broadly compatible. The device needs to integrate with various smart home devices like Alexa, smart lights, thermostat, or your alarm system. It will guarantee the deadbolt can send speedy alerts back to you. These components work together utilizing wireless protocol like Z-wave or ZigBee technology. You will need a lock that supports one.

What’s more, it likewise needs to support Wi-Fi and alternatively Bluetooth for a seamless connection. These features make it simple to control the lock from your work area remotely or when standing next to the door via a smartphone.

Also, you will need a lock that is compatible with your current house key. Although these locks work well, batteries do die, and the lock may not open. So when purchasing a deadbolt ensure that the key override for the bolt matches the keyway of your home. If you have purchased the lock on the web, take it to your nearby locksmith before mounting it so they can match it to your home key.

Get easy to install lock


If you have a traditional lock on your vacation home, then we recommend replacing it with a smart lock deadbolt. Don’t install a smart lock with handles since the deadbolt models cost less and protect more than the lever counterparts. In a perfect world, the smart lock will fit into your current rental unit’s deadbolt opening without needing a modification.

However, some DIY considerations:

  • No extra holes to drill. If you don’t have to drill, the setup becomes more straightforward. However, these locks will often require a hole that a peg/rod at the top of the lock will go through. The peg makes it challenging to turn the smart electronic deadbolt around.
  • Comparative hole coverage. When changing to a smart lock, it is common that the new electronic deadbolt won’t cover the entire area left by the old deadbolt. It can exposed wood, stain, or scaring under the new lock. Much of the time the latest electronic door lock won’t cover everything that the old lock covered.
  • The lock should have a similar style of a latch plate. If you are removing a bolt that had a round latch plate and putting on one that has a square latch plate, you may require extra chiseling.


Find the ideal touchscreen electronic locks for your vacation rental home

Smart-lock smartphone access

Image by Scott Lewis Creative Commons License

To lock and open the lock effectively, you have to find an ideal lock with a touchscreen. The touchscreen needs to be broad and highlight a back-lit screen for straightforward functions during the night and day. Furthermore, the smart lock needs to be fingerprint resistant to avoid smudges and leaving behind prints.

The feature will also shield against pin code theft from burglars seeing the unique fingerprint pattern. Plus, you might want to consider different things like the number of pin codes the lock provides, how simple is it to program with your smartphone and the expense of the lock.