In an emergency lockout Orlando situation, you want the best locksmith at a reasonable price. So you search Google in their search results for the keyword you input. We usually look at the top 3 or 4 locksmith companies in Orlando FL and click and call one or two to make sure we find the best deals and timing since we are in need of a quick service. Everything looks right, and you call to get a quote, let’s say $40 and a service call charge ranging from $19 to $25 depending on the time. The locksmith arrives there, and he comes in does the home or car lockout and costs you 3 times the amount agreed on the phone. We all can recognize this problem needs a solution. This type of scam is called a switch and bait!

Here is the locksmith solution from Google, called Advanced Verification.

google advanced verification

Google started to deal with these type of issues by doing advance verification on plumbers and locksmiths in a test in San Diego to create a new system called Home Service Ads. And take out fake google my business locksmiths that claimed to have a storefront. This was done to make sure the right home services providers are legit. For potential clients, this sounds great!

Now the plan is rolling out nationwide with a “Google guaranteed” format for the new service called Home Service Ads with an advanced verification. They will only approve locksmiths to advertise in AdWords, home Service Ads and other paid Google platform that past this rigorous test, including but not limited to;

  • Verifying licenses needed in each state
  • Insurance of the company
  • Poor reviews from third-party providers
  • Checking information on other directories and websites
  • A regular background check
  • Verified trucks with logos, uniforms and more

Also, matching the addresses and owner of the company to the requirements above and to Google my Business and to top it off a screened video call. I assure you a lot of locksmiths will fail and already have!

If you are a licensed legit locksmith they should tell you exactly how to fix everything!

google support - advanced verification

The issue I have with Google is that they should tell you right away what’s wrong and how to fix it, especially if you have a license to work at locksmithing! But no, they give you this number to call first 1-844-756-8495 which are usually based outside the U.S, and they really can’t tell you what the issue is. Then they send you to an email called and you can’t reply to them. They just send you the violation, and you have to figure out what you did wrong which takes at least a week and more email and phone calls to find out if you can appeal. I think with all the revenue Google makes they can do a way better job at this, again this is my opinion.

Home Service Ads will be the first seen on the first page.

google home service ads

This will be the first ads seen and are paid I think is 3, and they rotate for a fee, of course. The way it will work is by a Pay-Per-Lead program, again it’s all about making more revenue at the end for Google. Now I heard they will advise the searchers to check the first 3 paid listings on the Home Services and find the best one which means price competition. So you will probably need to lower the price to get the sale and then pay for the lead to Google at the rate they feel its worth. This could help new locksmith that don’t have success with AdWords or no organic and map results.

Yes, they are helping people to stop getting scammed and limiting spamming. But also make a buck at the same time leads can go from Pay-Per-leads that can end up costing you

And some are free. The free ones go on the bottom since Google wants you to spend $$$. Trust me you won’t make much by being on the obscure part of the paid home services. Companies that don’t have a storefront and can’t pay Google to Advertise will end up here but at the bottom.

Home Service Ads and what does it mean to locksmiths in the local Pack 3?

So for locksmith ranking in the local 3 pack, it used to be up to 7 businesses, by the way, this means only 3 companies will be shown there on page one, and they need to make sure they are a storefront business if not they will be banned. This service will also continue to be free. But it will go below the Home Service Ads and AdWords which both need to pass advance verification too.

bing ads

Organic results on Google combined with Bing Ads and a few minor lead generation companies might be the way to go if you rank for enough profitable keywords and keep working on your organic SEO.

It seems it’s getting harder for locksmiths to be on Google. I work with some disapproved locksmith companies that got suspended from AdWords and it’s been hard on them to fix their suspensions and me trying to get them back but it’s not easy, and most of the time it doesn’t work after weeks of phone calls and emails. Google is using a company called Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management, which doesn’t respond on why they suspend you.

I feel that if your locksmith license and insurance is legit, they should let you advertise on AdWords, just my opinion. Now, these poor locksmiths even though they are usually mobile should be able to at least use AdWords since they make it harder but not impossible with a good local SEO team on them to rank on the pack 3 because they are a mobile locksmith service. Now they will be moving to the Home Service Ads, and if they don’t pay or pass the test, their only real option is relying on Bing ads and other minor lead services to keep them afloat. I hope this new way has sneaky locksmiths complying to get back on but is not easy when Google can’t give you an exact reason why they disapprove you right away. And in the mean time you are losing revenue and your business, locksmith are small family business, you can’t penalize all of them the same way! Well that’s my opinion.