Finding our dream house is a matter of patience, but moving into the house, it takes even more patience. It does not matter if you are a first-time owner or you have done this many times, moving can be stressing and overwhelming as you need to get a lot of things done, like changing your address, taking care of minor repairs and as Locksmith in Orlando strongly suggests, securing your home.

When we buy a house the first thing we care about is the way it looks, we all want that new home to have our signature, but we often forget one of the most critical aspects, the locks. If you just bought a house, Orlando Locksmith recommends either replacing or rekeying your lock.

Security is a central aspect to take care of when moving to a new place. Whether is because the previous resident may have several copies of the keys or because the locks may be worn off, a good locksmith will recommend to either remove the old lock and install a brand new Dead bolt or replace the existing key with a new one without you going through the hassle of changing the current lock.

But, what is the difference between replacing a lock and rekeying one?

Replacing locks

replacing locks

Replacing a lock is more expensive and complicated than rekeying it, as you will need to remove the complete bolt and install a new model. When you move into a new place, it is very likely that you will want to change several locks so that it will turn out into something costly. In time locks wear off, or some locks may not be secure enough, so it is important to upgrade them to stronger and more efficient bolts under these circumstances.

Now, if you merely want to change your locks because of aesthetic reasons, there are a number of lever handle locks that are efficient and attractive, however, if you’re going to move to a more high tech lock, electronic locks will suit you as they are both, convenient and reliable.

electronic keypad locks

Rekeying locks

rekeying locks

Rekeying a lock is a faster and more affordable process but equally secure, as the expert will remove the pins and springs from the existent bolt and replace those with new ones that will work with a different key. All locks can be rekeyed unless they are not functioning correctly, which a bolt replacement will be more than necessary. If that isn’t the case, it is optimal to opt for a rekey when dealing with an exorbitant number of locks, as this will turn out to be more economical.

Besides, rekeying gives the option of synchronizing the same key design to multiple locks. So if you are the type of person who likes to share keys with relatives and close ones, this may be perfect for you.

Also, rekeying locks allows the technician to analyze the condition of the bolt. During this process, numerous problems can be fixed or may be discovered, and only an experienced locksmith should be able to determine if it’s necessary to replace the lock or just rekey it.

So should you have your locks taken care of when moving to a new house?

Yes, you definitely should without a doubt! You will have peace of mind and feel completely secure in your own home!