A metal gate lock installation can provide high-security for your home. Also, a metal door lock installation is straightforward to maintain and fixed by our specialist locksmith in Orlando. However, like all doors, metal doors don’t offer their best features on their own. We should match them with sturdy door locks for metal doors to enhance their security. But not a padlock as this are easy to destroy.

Physical security like metal gates and security metal doors are the best types of home security as it makes a barrier between your home and intruders. This can provide a deterrent or a method for buying your home valuable time during home burglary situations.

Plus, metal doors can support many locks including keyless door lock installations. Yet, many models and features exist today, so it may take some time to find the correct one. Therefore, before you start your research, consider these tips below to pick a metal gate lock for your metal gates:


Metal gate lock installation for inside or outside

Metal security door lock installation

You can install metal doors on the inside or outside. Their placement determines how durable the door lock is. For instance, when you exposed the door to mild to extreme climate conditions, the door needs to have a traditional lock. Then again, if it is indoor, you may add an innovated electronic locks, for example, digital or electronic models.


Do you want to install a traditional or high-tech lock?


If you can decide in advance which is better for your door, you can narrow your exploration. Even though traditional models can be suitable for outside doors, it isn’t the only thing to consider. Also, factors, such as business or household use, level of security, and the design of the door are significant.

For example, when you need more security, modern high-tech models like a keyless lock would be great. If you have a gated pool, then latches or pool gate locks would go well.


What type of metal gate lock installation model?

Metal black gate

These days, there are many models, but people mostly use lockboxes. They enhance the security of the door as the device gets installed inside the entryway. Metal gates offer extraordinary benefits regarding the type or model they can support. For example, you can install a magnetic lock for business use or keyless locks.


Measurements of the metal gate


Even though many locks work well on metal gates, the dimensions of the door can provide you an excellent insight into which model you can use. Usually, door locks include their handles. If this is the case, a larger metal gate would require sturdier door locks that can open and close the door.


However, when the door locks exclude a handle, for example, lockboxes or magnetic locks, they can go with practically any size. Also, remember that metal gates can have more than one door locks to enhance the security or the holding force.


DIY or Professional Installation?


The two methods can work. Latches, lock, and levers, just as lockboxes can be simpler to install. Now, if you go for models, for example, magnetic, electronic, and solenoid locks, these maybe require some expert installation.

The installation will depend on your ability to deal with the job. If you don’t up to the task, hire an Orlando Locksmith company with many years under their belt like SY King Locksmith.




Remember, gate security is essential to your home security, for instance, perimeter (metal gates) and front door (metal security doors). If a burglar can enter your home through your front door then the intruder will try the back via your side garden metal gate. However, by installing a durable gate and lock you can prevent an intrusion.

If an intruder cannot break the gate lock, usually the burglar can’t carry the stolen items over the fence. And it will look like a heist if neighbors see a person carrying things over a fence which means they may call the police. Therefore, ensure you ask the locksmith expert about a high-security metal gate lock installation preferably an electric lock that needs a password or code instead of a key.