If you are in the security industry like Sy King Locksmith in Orlando, then you have noticed an incredibly disturbing pattern. Truthfully, the internet, and, the local news try to warn us about some security threats that mainstream media tries to hide or won’t show us. Orlando Locksmith experts know how dangerous a bump key is for a criminal to have. Notwithstanding, presently, anyone can figure out how to make or buy a bump key, pick a lock, break into a vehicle, and much more through YouTube.

So, how difficult it is to break through a reinforced door, well tricky. However, critics argue that a hammer through a window is the only key you will need. People views of security appear to be very precise, and the majority understand how fragile it is. So why people don’t do more? I see vehicles windows rolled half-ways in parking areas with excellent stereo and shopping bags on display. I see homeowners with many locks on their entryway, but lock one when they leave. Therefore, is it true that people don’t care about security?

What do people know?

locksmith lock-picking device


There is somewhat of a learning curve in finding what is unknown. Just because someone in YouTube says lock-picking is straightforward, it doesn’t make it a correct assessment. Yes, most people don’t exactly know how lock-picking functions, yet most realize that it isn’t as simple as inserting something in the lock and jabbing around.

So inside what individuals know, there is a lack of information on the complexities of lock-picking and locks. Consider what you know, and that should give you some clue about the information you have to find. Do you understand how a lock functions? What are pick-resistant, bump-proof, and, key control locks? These devices help against lock-picking and key bumping.

Don’t be blind


Most individuals get half of the story correct or only enough to make them feel safe. However, there are many things that individuals would prefer not to know. Not knowing these things supposedly help individuals build a cocoon around their life. Facts like the commonness of bump keys and car door wedges remain a significant concern. Yes, bump keys have caught some consideration. Nevertheless, they have failed to grab the attention of the overall population.

Many people don’t understand how straightforward it is to wedge a vehicle entryway open. Undoubtedly, the general thought is that these extremely unrefined techniques are not sufficiently refined to be utilized by normal hoodlums. However, it’s a wrong assessment. Honestly, these are conventional techniques for home and auto break-ins. Try to type “bump keys” into Google; the first result is various ways to buy them legally. Car wedges are also simple to purchase and considerably simpler to make.

Can security make a difference?

Does security matters

Of course, security is one of the most significant things to human’s safety. Security offers people the true serenity that stuff they have gathered and worked for won’t get taken away. Past the vital sentiment of security, it is critical to be secure. If you are vulnerable against attacks, then you may get attacked not once but always. Beyond your belongings stolen, and your mind getting traumatized, security exists to shield you from things that would damage your physical body such as fires and burglary too.

It is easy to state that security matters, however, how much does it matter? The truth, it is one of the most significant things for humans since shelters had existed. The caveman picked a cave since it offered protection from the animals, the wind, the rain, and, the sun. After, we made and refined our shelters. Then, an entry was incredible; still, they didn’t think of closing it. The entryway tackled this issue. In any case, how the entryway would be fastened not to open. Many cultures responded to these questions in various ways. The right answer came from antique locks which then turned into the modern-day locks we love today.



I wish I could say one day we will live in a world with no violence and burglary, but that’s almost impossible. So, the significance of security can’t be lessened. People need to think about safety, so it benefits them positively. Everyone needs to find ways their security gets undermined and vulnerabilities; they had no idea existed. Why? Well, it is a critical preventative strategy that helps us prevent crimes.

We as security expert first make sense of how lawbreakers think, and afterward put in the work to think and plan past them. Modern locks and their features are just the beginning when it comes to your homes, office, or even cars security. Every day criminals think of new ways to break into a home and specialist plan deterrents or countermeasures that will make their attack unsuccessful.