The experts at SY King Locksmith in Orlando, Florida, with many years of experience, will show people how burglars can access their property. They can destroy your weak door frame with the use of a crowbar or kick and lock-pick your frail locks in a matter of minutes. But don’t take our word check YouTube videos and lock-picking techniques that so-called experts are showing ordinary people.

While these things sound frightening, don’t stress, Orlando Locksmiths can show you some countermeasures that ensure that criminals will have a difficult time breaking in.

So, how do you beat the thieves?


Have a security audit performed  by a locksmith in Orlando, Florida

house security audit performed by a locksmith in Orlando, Florida

I recommend homeowners have their property audit by a locksmith – an overview they will usually do free. Most people think they have strong security, particularly on their front door. Because they have installed new locks or they have the old but trusted device still working fine. However, it’s amazing how simple a burglar can get inside their homes.

Burglars can break in through a bolted door using many bypassing techniques including lock-picking, lock bumping, forced entry, and destruction. And the common homeowner’s mistake of leaving an unlocked door. Yes, you have to secure your doors but also the perimeter, windows, plus the garage door leading into a home.

Orlando Locksmiths can do an audit on your entire home and they will look at the security of the property. After the audit, make sure to follow up on their recommendations.


Ensure you have the proper lock installed


A top security issues that most homeowners have is not having the right lock installed in their front entryway. Many people purchase inexpensive locks of popular brands from their hardware shop which sadly, don’t stand the test of keeping intruders out.

I recommend that homeowners spend good money on sturdy locks and bolts brands of, Yale and Schlage. I know these locks are durable and secure however individuals can also search for other quality items.

You also have to ensure your doorframe has sturdy materials. For example, hinges, strike plates, and long screws need to be tough. The last thing, the quality of your door is essential to your security so try to purchase a durable heavy steel or wood door.


Smart Home Technology?

The advancement of smart home technology has helped increase awareness of home security with many individuals selecting smart doorbells, smart locks, and cameras.

However, many of the new techs have digital issues, so locksmiths around the globe are reluctant to recommend these products over the traditional lock. Yes, convenience matters but not over the cost of your security.

The issue began when smart technology connects with the home network-we don’t know how secure that system is. Locksmiths understand that smart locks have the same interior mechanism as a traditional lock. But most experts want to make sure about the security of smart home tech first.


Use a trusted locksmith in Orlando, Florida

Home lockout residential locksmith Orlando


A significant issue is that locksmiths are not regulated and in some states including Florida you don’t need a license. Therefore, anyone can claim to have the skills to be a locksmith and fit a lock at someone’s home.

We need more awareness about the dangers of inept locksmiths and the need to contract a reliable locksmith when working both home and business security.

As this continues we will see more homeowner’s homes being broken into after they have hired an unskilled laborer who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the business.


Everyone needs to pay attention to their security!

It is a balance of not having your home like a bank but being secure and having things correctly placed. You can start, for example, installing anti-pick locks for your front and back door and padlocks for your gate. People burn through thousands of dollars on their home, or business and its content. However, they also need to invest the money in their security.

  • The home should have many cameras, a security system, and sensor lighting placed outside of the home.
  • Also, leave the interior lights on when you go out as it will make potential burglars think you’re home.