Lock Maintenance by Sy King Locksmith

Now is always the time to ensure your home locks are all in excellent condition and working correctly. For this, we will help you with Lock maintenance at Sy King Locksmith in Orlando. Your locks (as you can already imagine) play a central role in your home security. Now, making sure your doors locks are installed, windows and any access points to your home are well-built and fitted, we are sure that they will offer some protection, but, without well-built and maintained locks, you might as well not have any doors or windows, at all.

For this reason, you should treat lock maintenance as an annual task to address. This way, and only this way, you can rest assured that your home is as secure as it can be.


Complete a home lock maintenance inventory periodically.


Take a tour of your home and property. Include any outbuildings and additions such as garages, sheds, etc. and make a list of all internal and external locks, this list should include: the locks on your doors, locks on your windows, padlocks, door chains, and garage door defenders and any additional security features. It’s good to note that you’ll only have to do this once unless you make any changes to your home security.

Once you have an exact list of all internal and external locks, you can start the task and one by one check and clean each one of them. While this may seem time-intensive, it’s advantageous to have your locks maintained adequately, and then you can check them off the list as you go along, making sure you did a good job.

Test your installed locks

– The lock and all attached parts (such as the handle) should be well fitted and in excellent condition. Look out for loose screws and dented or damaged areas. Any issues that can’t be easily remedied by yourself should be looked at by a professional Orlando Locksmith.

– Test the lock with the keys it’s supposed to work with to make sure it opens and closes. Make sure you don’t have to jingle the keys, be it voluntarily or involuntarily, to open the lock; if this is true, this is an indicator that the key you’re using is a copy of the original. Prolonged use of keys that don’t fit properly will cause the lock mechanism to break internally after a certain amount of time. Use only the Original key where possible, and any copies should always be cut from the original key, never from another replacement.

Keep working through your list, check each lock for the following:

– When you lock and unlock the door and window, please, make sure that the locking mechanism does not stick or make noises. If any of the latter is correct, clean and lubricate the lock, this usually solves the problem arising. Letting it be may and will promote the problem, and with time may indicate a serious problem which will indeed need to be addressed by a professional Orlando locksmith.

– Do you have to lift, push or pull the door/window to be able to close the lock? That means that it’s warped or the device wasn’t put correctly and the issue affects a door, indicating that it is no longer appropriately hung, in which case it has to be re-fitted.

– Make a note of the number of keys you have for each lock (between all and any members of the house), so you can make sure that they are all present during every check. If you know that any keys are lost or missing, it may be worth replacing the locks involved, just in case wrong hands are the ones to have these missing keys. You should make spares that have only one key and save them in a secure place.

Clean all your locks

Clean maintain locks


put stress on individual components of the lock, severely shortening the lifespan of it and putting you at risk of it breaking.

 Upgrade old or broken locks

You may have some locks in your home which are somewhat dated but are still in good condition physically and visibly. While it may feel that you do not have to replace it, it’s worth remembering that modern locks will withstand forced entry much more efficiently. Many old locking mechanisms have weak points as we know and take advantage of by criminals. Even if your old locks work, they may have inherent defects due to continuous use which makes them vulnerable. This type of mechanism won’t be an issue with a new installation.

 Install additional locks

It’s always worth considering adding extra locks or security features to your doors and windows, mainly if they are comfortable for a burglar to reach or if they’re in a private area of the property, where the thief cannot see it. Its conditions like these which will be the most attractive for lock picking or lock snapping, so an additional lock would be a wise thing to have.


Whether you have verified that the issue is urgent or not, get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to give advice and help with any questions you may have about your locks.