Keyless Door Entry for Your Home-Advantages and Disadvantages

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The appeal in keyless door entry for your home looks good if you have recently lost your keys or locked yourself out of your property. With a keyless door lock installation, you will never have to stress again over tracking your keys. Your home security will likewise increase in all phases, including key control.

A keyless entry system permits you to protect your home without using the mechanical key and lock that everyone has trusted for many thousands of years. These electronic locks a specialist locksmith in Orlando should install for quality purposes. You can activate and disarm them using a keypad, touchscreen, or even biometric entry.

However, before you get all excited and change your traditional lock and key, it’s significant that you weigh your options first. While keyless entry door locks bring many advantages, consider also the cons and how they may impact your home security system and way of life.


Keyless entry systems don’t need a key

keyless door entry

This is the significant feature of keyless entry locks for the home and business. You no longer need to carry around a big key-chain and worry about tracking your keys. You don’t have to brainstorm hidden noticeable places to leave spare keys, for example, under the mat or fake rock. For parents, the dread that your kid may lose their keys and get stranded outside is gone with keyless entry.

With keyless entry door locks, you’ll know your kids will get in safely. A keyless entry system can spare you from the problem and costs that accompany losing your keys, for example, rekeying and changing locks to negate a burglary.

Simple access for guests, family members, and contractors


Often, people have to hurry home from work or from a fun time just to open the door for a guest that came to visit or contractor that is doing some work in the house? Unexpected visits can be acceptable, however, they can interfere with your day when you have a mechanical lock.

With keyless entry for your home, guests can have access by sending them your code and you can change it after they leave. If you travel frequently, this system also makes it simpler for neighbors and relatives to watch your home.


Keyless door entry allows you to monitor activity


Keyless entry permits you to monitor who comes into your home and when they do. Also, you can make unique and temporary codes for everyone who needs entry into your home. Parents can also track when their kids return home from school or from an errand. It can likewise provide temporary codes for contractors like the cleaning team and the lawn man.



Remove access quickly at no additional expense


When you live with many adults, which means many people could access your home all at once. Often, we recommended changing your home locks once someone moves out, particularly after a bad breakup. Regardless if they return in their keys, they may have made duplicates without you knowing.

Changing mechanical locks could get costly when you upgrade to burglar-proof or high-security locks. With a keyless entry door locks, you could remove the access to their code. If you think that the housemates have given the passcodes like cookies, you can change your codes at no additional expense.


Number 1 issue is that a hacker could hack the system

keyless door entry hacking flaw

No matter how convenient innovation makes our everyday life, they do have issues and hacking is a serious problem for keyless door locks. There are hackers out there that spend a lot of time bypassing digital locks. Trust us, you won’t immediately be a target once you install a keyless lock. However, the chance of being a target is present.

When you change to a keyless entry system for your home, ensure you use a secret code combination that is irregular and hard to figure. Plus, buy a quality lock system brand with a high-security rate and has a feature that can prevent cyber-attacks.


Keyless door entry has high installation costs


A few security brands offer various costs for their keyless entry systems. But none of the quality alternatives are affordable. Likewise, the expense of installing a keyless door lock is much higher than that of a traditional door lock. Consider hiring an expert Orlando Locksmith who has expertise in electronic locks or has the required preparation to install and activate. These experts can charge a little more than the traditional door lock installation rates.

When you’re making big improvements to your home with a low budget, a keyless lock may not be the solution. Yet, if you love the style and the convenience, then you can install it no matter the cost.


Power breaks and failures

Power failures in the city of Orlando

Power breaks aren’t common, however, they do occur. In a circumstance where your power goes out, it could mean that it will leave your home with no security. If you do switch to keyless entry, check if your area has practically zero records of blackouts or power failures.

If your area those have many incidents, then consider a backup power source. Remember, the electronic lock runs on batteries and they also have a limited lifespan that you should know about.


You could forget your code and have a lockout


You can forget your code, similar to forgetting or losing your keys. While installing these locks, we recommend homeowners to use a code that is random to prevent a simple bypass. Regrettably, the combination may likewise be too difficult to remember for the homeowner to recollect.

If you go with a keyless entry system, you should keep your code in a safe place in case your memory fails you.


Potential breakdowns

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Each electronic equipment brings the danger of malfunctioning. A decent quality lock brand will have enough security measures to prevent such a lousy circumstance. However, when breakdowns do occur and get locked out of your home, you may require expert assistance to deactivate the lock.

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