A key replacement Orlando locksmith service call is one of the most frustrating calls a homeowner will ever have to make especially if it’s a lockout. Sadly, after paying the key service the homeowner will find it stuck to the back of the door lock. Other times you may easily drop or lose your keys under a seat, sofa, or worse under the seat of a taxi and it can immediately turn into a significant security issue.

It is frustrating because it jeopardizes the safety of your home or office and if you have them paired with your car keys, even worse. It can also severely meddle with your daily activities and become a significant headache since a burglar can use it to break-in.

So what to do if you can’t find your keys? Well, you call a Residential Orlando Locksmith for a quick spare key solution but first, let’s help you try to find your keys.

Places to check

The first step is clear. Think about the last place you had them and check-in that area. Usually, when you lose your keys, you can find them by asking yourself some questions and looking in particular areas.


  • First, remember if you had them in your pocket when you left your house?
  • Did you use them to open your current location, for example, car or front door?
  • Have you checked all the spots you sat on (vehicle seat, office, meeting room, lunch table, and bench)?
  • Maybe you left them on a table during a meeting or while eating dinner?
  • Did you leave them on a taxi or Uber seat, bus, or train?
  • Do you think someone stole your keys?

Places to check, solutions

key replacement Orlando Locksmith keychain tips

If your key chain has your vehicle keys, and you drove to your location chances are they are close to your current location. Do you keep the keys in your pocket, then check the last places you were sitting. Keys slide out of your pocket and you may find them under an office desk or under sofa seats.

If you took a taxi, bus, train, or some ride-sharing (Uber) maybe you left them in the back seat. Often, with a taxi or Uber, a call will resolve your situation typically pretty effortlessly. On the other hand, metros or transports, a few calls won’t have any kind of effect and your home or business security may become at risk.

Now, when you lose the keys down the drain, beach, or just can’t find them anywhere it is essential to replace them and safeguard your home, car, and office.

Tips to better store your keys

floating hook rack

One reason keys will get lost at home is that it doesn’t have a dedicated place where to store it. To prevent losing your keys, assign a dedicated spot where you’ll put them every day when you get home. It could be a bowl on the counter or a floating hook rack by the entryway. By getting into this good habit, you’ll know precisely where to search for the key when you need it.

Also, clean your home since the less mess, the fewer hiding spots there are for missing keys. If you keep a clean home, it’s straightforward to know where you stored the item.

Use Tile technology


There are a few clever items designed to assist us with monitoring your things including keys. Tile is a Bluetooth tracking device that can be joined to many things. When you lose the things with Tile attached, you can find it on a map and even make it ring when you draw nearer. There’s also a thin model that you can place in your wallet.

What happens if you can’t get your keys back?

Sy King Locksmith business card

If you know for sure your lost keys weren’t destroyed then that means that a person might have your keys. For the security of your business, or home, it is significant that you quickly change your locks.

If you like to keep your old locks, you likewise have the choice to only rekey the locks. Remember, between the hours of rekeying the lock or changing the lock you are vulnerable to brake-ins. Therefore, adding an extra deterrent might work better until you have finished contracting an Orlando Locksmith to finish replacing or rekeying your locks.