Key Fob Replacement Services Orlando


The Alarm Grid Honeywell 5834-4 – Pictured Above

A key fob is a remote that operates wirelessly to allow you as a user to perform specific functions inside and outside of your vehicle; it can have many features and or functions assigned. Between the services or features locksmith Orlando offers, you can find any of the following: open doors, set the alarm, lock the vehicle, turn on/off the engine, and in more recent models of specific brands, and park the car in reverse. Most of the time they are separate from the ignition key, in some cases, they come as a single unit.

Can we at Sy King Locksmith give you a Key Fob Replacement?

Yes, we can! We as locksmiths can and will take care of every step involved with creating a new replacement fob. Get a new one, we can program it, and perform any other related activities. This will make sure it will work correctly for your car model. If you need a replacement fob, it is always best to search for a local locksmith near Orlando to assist you with this. We know of what most dealerships in the topic and have the professional experience and insight of a security expert.

Can a locksmith program key fob?

Yes. Most professional locksmiths have hands-on experience with all types of keys, including electronic keys. This service involves reprogramming them, removing existing keys from the car’s ECU (Electronic Computer Unit), etc. If it’s something security related, it is always best to trust the professional Orlando Locksmith that deal with all kinds of security features.

What is the best option for a new replacement?

There are three options for getting a key fob replacement, but going to a locksmith near you is always going to be the best choice. The obvious alternative for most (though not the best), is to go to the dealership that sold you or sells your car model. They’ll sell you the key fob replacement and have it programmed for you. There’s a catch though with this option, the price.


You could also choose a Do It Yourself approach to the problem.


That would require going online, and after a quick Google search, get the key fob replacement. Then find out the way (most of the time another trip to Google) to learn how to program the Key fob yourself, if that is, in fact, possible. Which isn’t the case for all cars, this will be the least expensive option, but it may not solve all of your problems. Programming a key fob will take different amounts of time, which based on the specific programming method required. Programming a new fob can take you anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, sometimes more.

Can my fob be programmed without my car present?

No. The car must be present to program a key fob replacement. Both the vehicle and the new fob replacement will need to be in the same vicinity for the programming to work.

Key Fob Replacement in Orlando

This process starts with getting the replacement parts of the new fob; this will be: the remote (either generic or factory made) and the keys needed. We gather the key fob replacement. Getting the fob yourself offers some attractive perks, such as getting the best price possible and not pay an intermediary. You’ll have the added opportunity to try and program your own.

The problem is that if you do not have any experience with dealing with new fobs you run the risk of acquiring a faulty, nonworking unit and losing money and time in the process. The fob may also come pre-programmed, meaning it won’t be able to work with your car. When a locksmith such as us, purchases these, we make sure that the fob will operate and it will be programmed correctly, this will save you time.

Next, the instructions needed for the programming


this is the knowledge that most professional locksmiths already have, but, locksmiths will always consult the correct sources necessary the case. Even if the locksmith has not programmed that particular type of car key fob before, they have the professional experience to complete the task fast, well and with the lowest risk of mistakes.

Program a Key Fob



To program a key fob, first, you need the following: a key fob replacement, the car you will program it to work with, and the knowledge (sources) about the car’s specific programming process.  After this, the fob can be programmed. When professionals do the procedure, your car won’t have any damages. At the most, reprogramming will require the onboard diagnostic port opened, this may call for the removal of some plastic paneling. Those panels will be added next after programming them. If they are taken apart and refitted by a locksmith, there is a guarantee that no harm will come to the vehicle.

We can assist if you have any problems with your key fob. We are your best option in Sy King Locksmith in Orlando FL.