Orlando Locksmith thinks your auto is a gift and we need to appreciate it more often.

It lets us go to work, drop off the kids, go for a ride, or other things without using public transport.

Not everyone like waiting for instance, for the bus, train, or ask friends or family for a ride especially, when they have an attitude.

But sometimes there are other circumstances when we would preferably walk or take a taxi than manage the issues our auto makes.

Issues from changing some used auto parts to something like concerns with locks.

It appears out of nowhere sometimes, but other times it’s our faults for waiting too long.

However, locks and keys are presumably the trickiest things while having an auto.

But don’t worry; let me help you prevent days like these with a locksmith in Orlando expert advice on auto lock maintenance:


Park your car in your garage

Park your car in the garage


Cold and rain is an enemy for all types of locks.

During the rainy season or cold period use the garage as you don’t want water or snow to enter your door locks.

Try to keep your car dry, so it prevents the rust getting into the lock and prevents grime (water and dirt mix).

Then there’s gunk, and it occurs during the cold season or when there’s snow.

The garage stores novelty thing, power tools, and now the car so cleans up a little and make it work.


Treat the key right

Sometimes where in a hurry.

And we rush to put our key into the door lock and even quicker to start the car.

Then we break something either the key or the locking mechanism.

We didn’t consider the damage made to the bolt since we turn the key very often without ever having a mistake.

But the mistake was made to the lock and doesn’t function correctly anymore.

I’ve seen some poorly use keys, so you have to make copies because it will damage the locking mechanism.

So relax and take your time before starting or entering your car.


Get a fob

keys-with car fob


The key, as I said before gets worn out because of the daily use each day.

The all the more you use it, the quicker its quality will deteriorate.

It’s a fact that we use our auto every day as we open the car door and start the ignition.

Well, change the way you use your key by not using it.


Yup, buy a car fob and open with a touch of a button.

But unless you have an automatic starter, you still need to use the passkey for the ignition.

It at least saves you from using it on the door and the trunk!


Clean the car lock mechanism


Cleaning the auto lock couldn’t get any easier by only adding a cleaning formula to the door locks.

But before lubricating clean it with a cloth to take out the dirt or grime that accumulates.

Use silicone lubricant because other lubricants like WD-40 will harm your locks.

Then finish it off by applying a coating of anti-rusting formula.

A graphite spray is ideal for this purpose.


Duplicate or copy keys

Broken key

We can’t disregard the key itself when we talk about car lockout.

Remember what we talked about above?

Like the quality of the keys tend to break down more awful with each usage.

Well, consider duplicating the key to avoid auto lockouts later on.

Once the copy gets made you first try it out, then you have your spare ready for any emergency.

If the auto key quits working; you have your spare and no more stress.