As a small business, SY King Locksmith in Orlando knows running a business can be costly. However, you shouldn’t compromise your building security to save a dollar. Simultaneously, a business can have significant savings without trading off security if they rekey, as opposed to replacing locks when the situation demands it. Therefore, Locksmith Orlando experts will offer some reasons a business should have their locks re-keyed.

Security Compromised


After a burglary, or losing the keys or if keys have fallen into inappropriate hands, rekeying is a method for securing the building without purchasing new locks. Break-ins can leave the owner and employees shaken and worried alike. Unquestionably, if the locks have been seriously destroyed, re-keying may not be conceivable.

However, it is an economical alternative if the locks are still working fine. Usually, re-keying works better for disgruntled ex-employees who kept a set of keys. You don’t want the person to come back to the business to steal or hurt someone by only using the spare key.

Last, if you lose your passkeys, you don’t want a stranger to have access to the company.

When layoffs are announced

Usually, when a business has to layoff employees, re-keying is an approach to secure the building from disgruntled employees. Some displeased workers may not think right and do something regrettable. It likewise offers significant serenity to the management, even when the individuals were of the most noteworthy moral character.

It also applies if an organization has had steady layoffs for many years and can’t longer say with 100% certainty that an ex-representative kept an extra key. Often, re-keying is the economic and right option.

When moving into another place


A new building location is brimming with possibilities. However, low-quality security shouldn’t be one of them. Re-keying the entire building means starting without security worries over previous tenants, workers, or other people who may keep a key.

Having the locks re-keyed will likewise allow the Orlando locksmith to inspect the current equipment to ensure it’s dependable and worth keeping. If the locksmith feels a part of equipment does not protect your business, the expert can recommend replacing it instead of re-keying.

Is it costly to rekey a business lock?

Re-keying your business lock cylinder may cost more than re-keying those in a home. Commercial locks come built differently; fabricated sturdier for higher traffic situations and security.

So while it might be conceivable to bring these locks in a locksmith shop to save some money, it’s something to do far less. Remember, there could be a saving when you take your locks to the shop however, typically you can call a locksmith on-site since locksmith work mobile nowadays. With mobile services, a locksmith can save you the trouble of finding them at the shop and examine the installed lock better.


What could change the expense of the rekey?


Most businesses use standard keyways. Now, if they’re high-security locks, then that will change the cost. The expense to rekey a standard business lock cylinder is less than a high-security lock. Commercial locks are complicated compared to residential ones especially if they bring anti-pick, key-control and, bump resistance features. Check out below what other things can change your re-keying cost:

  • Re-keying locks with no current business key
  • When you don’t have the current key, you can still rekey the locks. However, it will cost a little more since it will take more time to do the work.


Restricted Keys Can’t Be Copied by Staff

High-security locksets that have restricted keys remain perfect for businesses since your employees can’t make duplicates of these keys at automated machines. It prevents the owner from having to rekey the locks because of employee layoffs. However, if you have given the employee restricted keys and have not returned your business key, re-keying is the safest alternative.

These rekey will use more expensive parts than standard-pin locks which means the labor will take longer. So, the rekey cost will reflect the higher cost and the keys will cost more to duplicate. Mul-t-lock, Marks, Schlage, and, Medeco make commercial high-security locks.


Rekeying Inter-Changeable Core Cylinders

Inter-Changeable Core Cylinders (IC) cost more to rekey! You can see this by looking at the keyhole which will seem like a number 8 rather than a circular shape.

Rekeying IC Core locks needs the business to have a control key to take away the cylinder for rekeying. Often, without the control key, the expert will need to drill the cylinder.

If the control key is accessible, then the technician can remove the IC Core much easier. Nevertheless, it’s a lengthier procedure to rekey these locks as it uses a complicated pin system to create both working and control keys, so yes the labor it cost more. Also, the keys will typically cost more, too.