Before You Install Your Garage Door, Read The Facts about Installation!

Before you do any garage door installation, you first have to know about the machine you’re trying to change. There are single doors and double doors, and of course, their weight varies and if the garage doors are old then there another interesting fact that you need to know too. Our locksmith company is also an expert at installing garage doors!

An older garage door can weigh between (250 to 450 lbs.).

heavy garage doors


The weight, combined with crumbling equipment, makes earlier carport entryways a continuous scene of home accidents.

However, it seems no one’s paying attention as most of us enter and exit our homes through the carport entryway.

Significantly more frequently than we do through the front door and maybe its cause we park the car inside.

So when your garage door repair is close don’t fear it, only read our facts about garage doors before, you do it yourself or when you hire an expert. There are some great companies popping up that love to blog about garage door installations in Clearwater, FL, and other services. We don’t stay behind, we will continue to blog also!


Modern garage doors are lighter!

new garage door

Now modern garage doors weight single doors between (70 lbs. and 150 lbs. and double doors weight between 150 pounds to 252lbs.). Lightweight insulated double steel doors for the most part weight (150 to 200 lbs.), not as much as the old sizeable heavy wood or hardboard entryways they replace.

Also, weight sometimes isn’t an issue if the springs are legitimately tensioned, but all springs usually debilitate and break. It also depends on the type of insulation or if it’s wood or steel so you will want a lot of information when it gets time to replace your garage door.

Extension and torsion springs


Torsion and extension are the two types of springs to choose from; torsion mounts on the header over the entryway, and extension, which floats over the upper roller track.

Before, extension springs were more secure to set up but didn’t have containment cables going through the center of the spring.

Without cables, these springs end up unsafe and overwhelming whips when they break.

They likewise are noisier than torsion springs.

And use extension cables if you don’t have the 1 Ft. of headroom over the entryway that a torsion spring needs.

Now torsion springs have three benefits overextension springs: they’re noiseless, more secure and less demanding to adjust.

Torsion springs do not have a spring banging against a roller track.

Also, more reliable because when a spring breaks, it more often remains on the bar.

At long last, you can calibrate the torsion spring, so the entryway is wonderfully adjusted.

Setting the tension on torsion springs is dangerous.

Types of door sizes and highlights

A standard double garage door is (7 ft. high by 16 ft. wide.).

Standard single entryways are (7 ft. tall by 8 or 9 ft. wide.).

Few dealers have them in stock.

And only some garage door stores will keep numerous doors in stock, so hope to order one as opposed to getting it off the rack.

There also, accessible in wood, fiberglass, and steel.

Steel entryways are light, maintenance free, inexpensive, more accessible, and have an insulating value as high as R-19.

New door new equipment

When you introduce another garage door, change all the hardware.

If your automated opener doesn’t have an automatic reversing system that incorporates photoelectric eyes, replace it too.

Doors with openers likewise require two additional bits of equipment, for instance, a support strut and an opener bracket.

For entryways with torsion springs situated over the entryway, have a garage door expert release the pressure.


Make a twice a year check of all the pieces on the rails and rollers for instance nuts and bolts to make sure they work finely.

Make sure the cables are not worn or broken.

Grease up rollers and springs with a garage door oil.

The entryway ought to work effortlessly and well balanced.

Check the balance by detaching the opener and bringing down the entryway midway which the entryway should hold its position.

Quick Tip

Kids love to play with automatic door openers so mount the opener switches about 5 ft. over the floor to prevent the kids from getting hurt.