Orlando Locksmith specialists realize there are many ways burglars could break into a garage door, even one with an automatic entryway. So, we feel everyone needs to know something about garage door security.

Carport entryways are a home’s weakness since they remain a clear objective for thieves. The garage doors aren’t just a weakness; it also gives burglars a refuge once inside from the outside. To the typical everyday driver, an open carport with a work truck pulled up to it doesn’t look strange or out of place.

Locking your carport entryway doesn’t merely mean only securing the doors; you need to take a gander at all entrance points including windows. A family misfortune is heartbreaking. However, one that could be avoided or happens through a preventable measure shouldn’t occur.

Here are Locksmiths in Orlando specialist’s top things you can do to secure your carport.


Keep it lock

house with a single garage door

A top tip is to ensure the carport entryway does not get left unlock, particularly when you’re not home. While it appears to be straightforward advice, it’s easy to forget to lock the garage when you’re hurrying to work or when you go to the store.

Adding innovation to your garage remains an extraordinary method to enable you to ensure your carport entryway stays shut when you’re not home. So we suggest the Chamberlain MyQ system, which lets you remotely control your carport entryway from the free application.

The MyQ system incorporates a sensor and an internet hub that you mount inside the carport. It assimilates with Nest products and XFINITY Home. So it’s an incredible choice if you would like to invest in a smart home product.

Secure the windows


Windows allow natural light in a dark carport. However, it also gives burglars a simple method to check whether anybody is home and look at what may merit taking inside your carport. We think you should either conceal the windows with either blinds or frosting the windows. So light could come inside

the carport while not allowing anyone to look inside.

You can use a spray, such as Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Spray, or with an adhesive film such as DC Fix Self-Adhesive Window Film. The two alternatives are economical and straightforward to apply.


Door Lock

car workshop from a garage

Only securing the garage door isn’t enough. You also have to defend the door leading from the garage to the house or any side doors leading to the carport. Treat these entryways like entrances into your home and ensure they are as secure as your front door. For example, sturdy materials, durable locks, and, routinely checked.

Keep the entryways bolted when you’re not home, regardless of whether it implies you need to take an extra moment or two to make sure. Consider installing a smart lock to make the entrance substantially more secure.

Door viewer or peephole


We additionally suggest introducing a door viewer or peephole. So if you suspect somebody is inside your carport, you could check without opening the entryway and alarming the criminal. A wide-angle door viewer is perfect since it lets you see more garage space.

Key control

keychain on wood tray

Another ignored recommendation is to avoid leaving your carport entryway opener controller in a visible area in your vehicle. You wouldn’t leave keys inside your car, so why leave your controller accessible to thieves.

Keep the garage door opener in a safe area in your vehicle, or get an opener that attaches to your keychain. Ensure the keychain remote matches the kind of carport entryway you have and that it utilizes rolling code technology.


Lights on

One of the ideal approaches to discourage burglars from focusing on your carport is to ensure the outside of your house is bright. Moreover, introducing motion activated lights is another way to scare off potential thieves. Since you don’t need to leave the lights on throughout the night or stress over turning them off during the day, you save some cash and energy not to mention, the life of the lightbulb.