We all spend a considerable amount of money in security, protecting our family, property, and valuables are at the top of our priority list. Most American homes have fancy high tech locks and alarms to deter burglars, but what do you do to protect your windows? Statistics show that about 30 percent of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door, but today Locksmiths in Orlando brings you tips to secure your home windows.

If you are trying to keep burglars away, type locksmith near me Orlando locksmith suggests you to

Keep your windows locked

This measure may seem like a really obvious solution, but the truth is house robberies happen because of an unlocked window or door. People usually think that because they live in a reasonably safe neighborhood they don’t need to lock their windows or forget about it. Don’t become another statistic! If your windows aren’t secured enough, make sure you to reinforce your windows with latches.

If you have a hard time remembering things, you can always put a note on the windows reminding you to lock the windows, or even better, set up notifications on your cell-phone as a daily reminder!

Reinforce your windows

reinforce windows

On top of securing your windows with latches, add some grills to protect your home exterior. You can even find beautiful designs in the market, not to disrupt with your house aesthetics. Grills and bars have been around for awhile now, and they have proven to be a fantastic method to secure a property. Just be wise to keep at least one window without bars, just in case of an emergency.

Cameras are efficient devices to keep your home monitored. If you decide to install cameras in your windows, or you have already, make sure that the camera is set in the proper position, this is critical! We suggest you put the camera out on the front porch for you to be able to monitor all those non-wanted guests. Make sure you ask your security expert for the best deals in security cameras, there is no need to spend a considerable chunk of money these days. And please, do not put fake cameras to secure your home, thieves have a unique ability to recognize these.


Window glass

Window glasses are see through most of the times, and that it’s just a straight invitation for a burglar to window shop from the outside. You may want to consider covering your window glass with protective film. These films are multipurpose, as they not only prevent thieves looking at your privacy and valuables but also these covers prevent the glasses from being shattered when a burglar tries to break in by force. Keep in mind that statistics proves that 85% of break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous.

Besides using a protecting film, which is usually very affordable, you can simply add some window screens, these are made of steel, and they are effective against knives and strong force. Home security statistics tell us that 95% of break-ins needed some amount of force to break-in.

Bright lights or sensor lights

bright lights sensor lights

A dark home is like Disneyland to a burglar, that is why is critical to add some lights near the window. Lights are not only a sign that the house has people in it which will automatically deter thieves from attempting to access but also lights challenge midnighter’s “work.” Now, keeping lights on all night long can be a pretty expensive deal, so you can install sensor lights that only turn on when there is motion, in other words, when someone approaches.

Thorny bushes

thorny bushes

This may be the most affordable and gorgeous security solution. Besides making your home beautiful, thorny bushes, like roses, and cacti make windows inaccessible to robbers. Make sure you don’t plant tall trees close to your windows, as these are weak spots, where bandits can hide.