Usually, locksmith in Orlando recommends having two working locks on your exterior entryways. The first lock needs to be a doorknob that has a locking system with a latch guard, so it avoids door shimming. Now, the second and most essential lock has to be a deadbolt lock replacement.

I never suggest purchasing those inexpensive deadbolts you find at a hardware store since you get what you pay for – cheap locks security. Allow an Orlando Locksmith help you with the buy of a high-security deadbolt that has many layers of improved security. Typically, these deadbolts locks get tested against lock-picking as well as forced entry techniques.


What can a high-security lock do for you?

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With regards to home security, a high-security lock is an extreme device that allows you to keep your home secure. It is a well-known fact what entryway locks have done for people in the history of securing valuables and the value they give to keeping your home safe and secure from burglars.

Most thieves enter a home through an opened entryway or window, and 34% come through the front door. It is also a fact criminals have no desire for working hard or “sweating a little.” Burglars are generally searching for fast and straightforward access through windows or entryways with weak locks, which they could easily bypass.


Essential things to consider before replacing your locks

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Security-Buy a pick-resistant lock, bump proof, and shim proof. Most high-security locks accompany a key card that enables you to control who may copy the keys.

Safety- If you have a front door with small glass panes close to the lock or it has a window that you could easily reach the bolts, then I recommend replacing the lock to a double cylinder deadbolt. In general, you may utilize either a surface mount deadbolt with a rim cylinder or a tubular deadbolt. A double cylinder deadbolt works with a key to bolt and opens the lock both from the outside and the inside.

Key control- If you have to change all your outside entryway locks, think about getting them keyed-alike. It wipes out the issue of having various keys and makes simple the everyday use by enabling you to work with one key that controls all the replaced locks.

Style: It’s cool to have all of the door hardware finishes match colors. Attempt to match all your current entryway equipment, for example, saddles, hinges, and, decorative trims. Honestly, it’s critical to have excellent security, but having appealing door locks is also essential to the homes outside look.

Changing Your Lock

When you’ve settled on which lock you’re going to get, it’s the ideal time for the fun part – the set-up. Locksmiths enjoy changing old bolts with new entryway deadbolts that work smoothly. Mostly since new durable locks give that feeling of security, and look good too.

It feels like that fresh bought vehicle smell, but also the car is much safer than the older one. You can call one of our expert Locksmiths if you don’t have the time, knowledge, as well as tools to take care of business all alone.



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It is a fact that entryway locks keep your home protected and secure from criminals. Inexpensive locks don’t give sufficient security and burglars could easily bypass them. If you want to have high protection for your home, buy high-security locks.

Remember, to ask about pick-resistant, shim proof, and, bump proof before buying a lock. If still unsure counsel with your local locksmith on which kind of lock is the best fit for your outside entryways. And remember to consider having an expert locksmith change your door locks to guarantee better protection.