The majority of Orlando Locksmith customers have a mailbox, either in front of the home or at a community-style mail system. Quite often, traditional mailboxes don’t have a lock and have a small door without a bolt. Now, neighborhood mailboxes are locked and need a key to open. However, some people have their mailbox situated far from their home?

The way to help stop identity theft is by putting a lock on your mailboxes for better security. It’s a federal crime to steal someone’s mail and doing the offense could lead to prison time and fines. But often both the jail time and the penalty does not stop offenders that are opportunistic.

Taking mail will allow a burglar to steal your information and use it negligently such as charging your credit card or ordering things on your behalf. Also, even times the criminal takes your info and gets a credit card with your name sent to their address which allows thieves to spend it without worries. Stealing mail is a frequent means of identity theft in the United States.

Let’s, see what mail theft, the punishment, and, locksmith in Tampa tips to keeping your information safe with an excellent lock:


What’s mail theft and the mail theft penalty?


Mail theft is intercepting and stealing any piece of mail. For instance, identification info, postal card, package, bag, letter, or for the matter anything that the post office sends. The mail theft punishment might be imprisonment and a fine.

Mail theft punishment in the US: Mail theft is a federal crime in the United States, and people found guilty of mail theft is imprisoned for a time up to both five years and fined up to $250,000.

Some unlucky criminals have gotten worse since it’s wasn’t their first offense.


Update your mailbox



From time to time, your conventional mailboxes is pried open with a screwdriver in moments or could be accessible by hands to the mail burglars. By updating your mailbox to a more durable type, you could stop mail theft.

Locksmiths like to say criminals are “opportunistic” so any opening that you can shut down will have you safe and things protected. Additionally, there are more innovative mailboxes types using a locking system to safeguard identity info and your letters. First, get your mailbox in excellent working condition so most special locking systems could work.


Advantages of lock mailboxes


There are many advantages from obtaining a lock mailbox. These lock and key features offer protection for the mails. Lock mailboxes are modest in size and have the potential to accept packages and letter mail.

It guarantees that nobody will have the ability to reach inside since the portion of this box is small, so you minimize the odds of losing mail. The mailboxes come in different fashion and types. So you may opt to install a wall mount or also curb styles using a key and thick steel lock.


Other options for your mailbox


Mailbox locks come in various kinds, and each provides its characteristic or security. There are two sorts of locking options available, including the wall mount security mailbox and the curbside locking mailboxes.

The wall mount is used for example, on homes, garage, or gates as it attaches to almost anything. On the other hand, curbside locking mailboxes are used on the “curbside.” Usually, both work as business drop box.

Based on your requirements, you may select from a range of locking mailboxes, padlocks, and, locksets. Anybody who knows the history of padlocks will tell you there use on everything that needs protection such as keeping farm equipment safe to even keeping our businesses safe from burglars.

However, not all the times a padlock are appropriate since not all of the mailboxes have a part for the attachment for the lock.


Deciding on the Ideal Lock

Mailbox locking installation is simple if you do it with us. You could tell the expert where you want to put your mailbox but first call the post office for permission.

However, what’s more, significant than setup is to decide on the proper locking mechanism. Always opt for a durable type of lock instead of one that offers only design or nice colors.